15 Actors We Forgot Started Out As Child Stars


They’ve come a long way in this place called showbiz. They were child stars who kept going and going. Take a look at 15 actors who we forgot started out as child stars:

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When he was just a teen, Ryan Reynolds bagged his first big role. He signed up for Nickelodeon’s Fifteen TV series that ran from 1990 to 1993. Ryan was 14 years old at that time and the show was about teenage life.

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Started Out As Child Stars

Jake Gyllenhaal got into acting when he was just a kid. His parents paid a big role in kickstarting his career. Jake’s mom Naomi Foner was a screenwriter, and his dad is director Stephen Gyllenhaal.

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Started Out As Child Stars

Bruce Lee got into acting way before he excelled in martial arts. He was only a year old when he did his first role and became a child actor. Bruce’s dad was a movie star so he was able to get his son’s career started very early. He played his first lead in the movie The Kid at the age of nine.

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Started Out As Child Stars

Jackie Chan entered showbiz as a child actor. He was just five when he got cast in his first movie (Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962)

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Jennifer Connelly started her showbiz career at the age of 10. She started modeling at 10 and bagged her first role when she was 12. She got cast in Once Upon a Time in America.

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Big Bang Theory fame Mayim Bialik stepped in Hollywood at a very young age. It was in 1988 when she played CC Bloom in the movie Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey.

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Shia LaBeouf began his acting career when he was just a kid. He hired himself an agent at 11 and started getting roles on big TV shows like ER and X-Files. 

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As a kid, Ben Affleck played multiple small roles. On the PBS show The Voyage of the Mimi, he helped middle-school kids to learn science and math.

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Jason Bateman stepped into Hollywood when he was still a child. He was only 10 when he joined hands with an acting agency that got him cast in Little House on the Prairie.

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Giovanni Ribisi was pretty young when he started acting. It was 1985 when he bagged the role of a child cancer patient on Highway to Heaven. “That was one of my first jobs. I remember being completely bald and just the Surreal thing of like, Oh this is what it’s like to be an actor. You have to do things like that.”, he said.

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Demi Lovato was only 7 years old when they started their showbiz career. They got cast on Barney & Friends and eventually signed a contract with Disney Channel for the Camp Rock show.

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Anna Paquin earned herself an Academy Award even before she hit puberty. She got the accolade for best-supporting actress in the period drama The Piano (1993).

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Ryan Gosling was only 12 when Disney signed him for The Mickey Mouse Club. “I think they needed a Canadian. Every man in my family works in a paper mill, and I’d probably be doing that too if I hadn’t learned when I was 11 that there’s more out there,” he later said.

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Scarlett Johansson made her debut in Hollywood at a pretty young age. She bagged her first leading role at the age of 12 in Manny & Lo. Many recognize 11-year-old Johansson as a little girl in Home Alone 3.

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Before he officially became a child star, little Cristian Bale did numerous commercials. He made his Hollywood debut in the television film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna at the age of 10, alongside Amy Irving.

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