Ryan Reynolds’ 25 Hilarious And Heart-Warming Moments

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Ryan Reynolds has become one of the most popular movie stars working in Hollywood and most claim that he gained popularity “overnight” when in reality it’s likely it took him years to reach that peak. Here we have compiled Ryan Reynolds’ 25 hilarious and wholesome moments that make fans like him even more.


1) When He Gave The New Dads The Best Tips

2) The Time Ryan Reynolds Admitted His Wife, Blake Lively, Can’t Compete With His Child


3) His Bromance With Hugh Jackman

4) When He Invited Kids From The Make-A-Wish Foundation To Hang Out With Him On The Set Of Deadpool



5) When He Stole The Deadpool Suit

6) He Is One Dedicated Father

7) Truly A Role Model For All Dads


8) He Is One Step Further Than All Of Us

9) He Remained Charming Even When He Is Insulting Infants

10) His Sword Play Skills Are Another Level

His Sword Play Skills Are Next Level



11) He Truly Loves His Fans

12) When He Sent One Fan Two Tickets To His Movie Premiere



13) Sometimes He’s A Real A-Hole

14) The Way He And His Wife Trolled Each Other Even On Birthdays



15) He Showed Up For Some Of His Young Fans In Full Costume To Make Their Halloween Unforgettable


16) His Love For Hugh Jackman Is Out Of Control

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17) When He Appreciated His Daughter’s Art


18) That Time He Made An Appearance On King Of Masked Singer

19) That Time He Was In Traffic Next To High School Kids

20) His Fans Mean The World To Him


21) He Is Open About His Battle With Anxiety

22) His Parenting Is So Good He Should Write A Book

23) His Love/Hate Relationship With Josh Brolin


24) He’s An Impeccable Host

25) He Was So Bad At Keeping Secrets, The Deadpool Marketing Team Had Took Extra Steps To Protect The Film



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