10 Incredibly Powerful DC Villains That Were Created As A Joke

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DC villains can pose a serious threat to superheroes, but not all the villains that appear are successful from the start. The DC universe also has some surprisingly powerful bad guys. This has created massive battles and competitions over the years that have endured the challenges of time. Over time, the heroes’ power has increased, and so has the villain’s power. As a result, many DC villains become icons and a greater threat to the heroes.


Philip Riadon was permanently blind after being involved in a warehouse explosion that Batman was investigating. a doctor reconnected his optic nerve to his fingertips so that he could see through his fingers. Riadon vowed revenge on Batman and the body that can paralyze and kill enemies. This feature can make him a DC villain against Marvel’s Daredevil.

Philip Riadon
The Ten-Eyed Man

A gangster Philip Cobb, also known as Signalman, could manipulate singles and symbols. He realized how signals and symbols dominate modern society and decided that this was his motive as a criminal. Cobb can turn the Gotham City signal into a weapon for sending subliminal messages. It is similar to the adversary of the 1988 movie “They Live” and serves as a similar motive on how these signals can direct people’s actions.

One of the DC Villains: The Signalman
The Signalman-A Psychological Villain

Except for Black Manta, Captain Stingary is the only other DC villain that can be considered a pirate, but his reputation is not as high as Manta. He is seen throughout DC’s history and was a member of the Super villain’s secret society before reappearing in DC Rebirth.

DC Villain Stingray
Captain Stingray-Pirate villain

Bat-Mite distorts reality from the 5th dimension, far more troublesome than a villain. He idolizes Batman and uses his power against the Dark Knight to prove himself. In the DC Universe Bat-Mite can be a bigger and crazy threat.


Dumfree Tweed and Deever Tweed, well known as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, respectively, have threatened Batman since their debut in 1943. This duo can be a gangster with a paradoxical personality. One twin is logical, the other is more explosive.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Tweedledee and Tweedledum- Identical Twins

Another DC villain from the comics is Blue Snowman, a genderfluid scientist. Blue Snowman was initially written as a woman with a gender problem. This problem led to hiding her identity and dress like a snowman.

DC Comics
Blue Snownman

BugEyed Bandit is one of the DC villains, is inventor of creating robot insects to fight against heroes. He is not the most original and compelling villain, but in the future, if he changes his name and invents a more dangerous bug-themed weapon, that creates a more significant danger for the hero.

DC villains' -BugEyed Bandit
BugEyed Bandit

Angleman, a villain of Wonder Woman, can distort reality or change particular objects in various ways. His weapon, Angler, has unlimited use and could be one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe.


Eraser costume is ridiculous. He was hired by another criminal to remove all evidence of their activity from the crime scene. The eraser is very likely to pose a real threat to the modern DC landscape, especially given that Batman plays the role of the world’s largest detective. DC villains with Eraser could prevent the discovery of many crimes.


Maxie Zeus was a professor who went insane and believed that he was Zeus. He has been regarded as a punch line to his madness, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a real threat. He believes he is the boss of Gotham City. But if he faces wonder woman his biggest enemy then he can play his role better.

Maxie Zeus Gotham City
Maxie Zeus-Enemy of Wonder Woman



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