5 Wild DC Villain Fan Theories That Prove Why They Always Score Above Marvel Villains

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DC Comics has undoubtedly the best supervillains. Most of them like the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid are iconic and unforgettable. These wild DC villain fan theories make them even more so.


Kryptonians Don’t Exist Anywhere But In Krypton Because The Doomsday Mutation Might Take Over

Why would the Godlike Kryptonians restrict themselves to the only backwater hellhole of a planet that sucks out all their powers? There might be a particular reason for that. The theory is that Krypton once used to be an inter-stellar super-powered spacefaring species that conquered other planets with yellow suns. They also reproduced naturally, leading to random mixing of genes that led to one or more Doomsday mutants to be born.


After realizing the Doomsday mutation is a genetic defect that happens if Kryptonians procreate naturally, they decided to rely on the Codex to create Kyptonians artificially. And by creating a culture of fear around leaving their home planet (which has an atmosphere and sun that restricts their powers), the mutation eventually died out.

Lex Luthor Became A Billionaire By Manufacturing Fights With Superman, Then using Lexcorp to Fix all The Damage


Lexcorp started out very small, about ten floors in a normal office building. It is now a mega-conglomerate, employing two thirds of Metropolis alone. From medicine to media and software engineering and real estate, Lexcorp is everywhere, called Apple, Google and Amazon combined. But the real reason Luthor is a billionaire is because of his constructions firms.

He manipulates Superman into fights, using a killer robot, kryptonite or a group of superhuman henchmen, and then unleashes them on Superman. Superman has no care for collateral damage as we already know. For all this time, his greatest enemy has been making Luthor all his money.


General Zod, Faora & The Rest Of the Warrior Class Kryptonians Cannot Reproduce

After Zod escaped the Phantom Zone, he travelled the cosmos to try and find other Kryptonians. He couldn’t find any. Given they are now an endangered species, shouldn’t they have tried to procreate on their own? The answer is simple – they didn’t because they couldn’t. The warrior class Kryptonians are genetically designed for battle. Like Black Widow, Zod, Faora, and the rest of the Kryptonians were designed to be free of all distractions so that they could focus on what matters the most.


Also if you have seen Doomsday (a being literally made out of Zod’s body) in BVS, you would know it resembles a Ken doll for probably the same reason.

Darkseid Destroyed Krypton

In Man Of Steel’s opening scenes, the lava spray before the eventual destruction looks very similar to the one we see in the Knightmare sequence in Justice League. Steppenwolf also mentions that there are “no protectors here. No Lanterns. No Kryptonians.” How come they knew Kryptonians are “protectors”? The simple explanation is that Darkseid knew as long as the far more advanced Krypton lived, his quest to conquer the cosmos will remain unfulfilled. So he slowly and subtly destroyed the planet’s core.


Another hint is that core destabilization taking down an entire planet is a very slow process. But the destruction of Krypton was far too spontaneous and quick. Darkseid wantonly interfered and escalated the timeline of Krypton’s destruction.

Hal Jordan Snapped & Murdered All The Green Lanterns In The DCEU


The one Justice League member that didn’t show up in the movie was Green Lantern. Fans claim it was probably because of the disastrous 2011 movie. They could be right. Or maybe they are wrong. There’s a perfect fan theory that explains why there is not a single Green Lantern in the DCEU anymore. The reason is Hal Jordan turned evil and killed them all.

In the comic books, an emotionally vulnerable Jordan is possessed by a fear entity known as Parallax. Jordan turns evil and murders all the Green Lanterns. In Justice League, Steppenwolf mentions there are “no Lanterns” anymore. Is he implying that the Green Lantern Corps is dead? Is it because Hal Jordan killed them all??



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