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Zack Snyder Reveals John Stewart Green Lantern’s First Official Look

After years of campaigning, buzzing online forums, and enormous amounts of faith, Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally saw the light of day as a fully-fledged superhero extravaganza that won both the fans and critics despite its four-hour-long runtime. While the trailer had already established that Snyder’s vision was quite different than the travesty that was released back in 2017, the movie cemented that Zack wasn’t bluffing about his grand plans despite the backlash received by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and even Man of Steel, to some extent. From introducing Martian Manhunter to Darkseid himself in his full, unadulterated glory, the Snyder Cut delivered on its promise and now sits comfortably with an IMDb rating of 8.2/10. However, even though Warner Bros. reluctantly agreed to release the Snyder Cut, the director has revealed that the studio house repeatedly requested him to remove John Stewart’s version of Green Lantern from the movie to introduce him in the future instead. As a result, Martian Manhunter was included in the movie to fulfill #UniteTheSeven, which was marketed back in 2017 for Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

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After the disastrous critical reception of Green Lantern (2011) starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, and Blake Lively, the emerald knight has been long ignored by Warner Bros. to be even part of the DCEU. But nonetheless, Zack Snyder did introduce Yalan Gur, who died in a heroic battle with Darkseid to protect the planet during the first invasion. But sadly, no Green Lantern came to the rescue in the movie, leaving the fans mildly disappointed.

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Despite being a popular comic book figure, John Stewart has been largely ignored by Warner Bros. when it comes to live-action appearances. Apart from the movies, even the CWverse is yet to introduce John Stewart to the fans. As a talismanic leader and one of the strongest Green Lanterns in existence, it made complete sense for Stewart to make his appearance in the Snyder Cut. But sadly, the plans were put on hold. According to Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. wanted to reserve John Stewart for a future project instead of introducing him as a cameo character. However, the first look at Snyder’s version of John Stewart has been released that has made the fans excited.

Wayne T. Carr John Stewart Green Lantern Snyder Cut

In the recently held digital Q&A event with Cinemark Playa Vista, Zack Snyder revealed a look of Wayne T. Carr’s John Stewart in his Green Lantern costume. The image was shared by Ishaan Sangha on his Twitter account which was even liked by the actor himself, thus confirming its veracity. Here’s the tweet:

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While the image is of low quality that needs a lot of fine-tuning, the existence of John Stewart is great news. However, since Warner Bros. has refused to move forward with Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU, at least for now, there is no full confirmation that if Wayne T. Carr will ever appear as John Stewart on the big screen. With a Green Lantern Corps series already in works for HBO Max, the future of this emerald knight is yet to be seen. But then, that is faith that brought us all the way here to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Faith, Alfred. Faith.