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Green Lantern: Villains We Could See In The HBO Max Series

The Green Lantern Rogues’ Gallery is not just Sinestro, Parallax, and Black Hand. There’s tons of planetary and cosmic level threats HBO Max’s Green Lantern Show Could Feature.


The only Orange Lantern of the DC Universe, Larfleeze commands the Orange Power Ring. The emotional spectrum he taps into is the Power of Avarice or Greed. In the comic books, he is a fan favorite character and would make for a good addition to the HBO Max series. There’s so much mythos around the character the show could cover. In the New 52 reboot, Larfleeze even had his solo title. The Orange Lantern has a story to tell. And he would make for an absolutely formidable opponent. The Orange Power of Avarice is considered to be stronger than the Green Power of Willpower and the Yellow Power of Fear.


Nekron’s coming would signal the onset of the Blackest Night event, the greatest comic book arc in the history of comic books. The Ruler of the Realm of the Dead harnesses the power of Dead Souls. He was the one that led to the Blackest Night event, where him and Black Hand resurrected dead people as Black Lanterns and waged a war against life itself. The Green Lantern defeated Nekron by killing Black Hand, his tether to the real world. The Lord of the Realm of the Dead deserves a spot in the series.


He is the most well-known member of the Red Lantern Corps. Atrocitus has had animated appearances before. Given the villain’s immense popularity, it’s a shame he has not made his live action debut yet. Atrocitus is a formidable fighter. He is also the de facto leader of the Red Lanter Corps. The HBO Max Green Lantern show could use the Red Lantern Corps as the primary antagonist. And the one who would be leading the charge against the Green Lanterns would be Atrocitus.

Hector Hammond

The disastrous 2011 movie did not do justice to Peter Sarsgaard’s Hector Hammond. With heightened intelligence, amazing telepathic prowess, and years of experience, he is a formidable opponent. The Villain will have his chance at redemption if the HBO Max series gives him the get go. The actor for the character will be obviously different. Hector Hammond can also act as a gateway for other DC Superheroes to make an appearance since he has fought other members of the Justice league too.


The Manhunters were the Guardians’ first attempt at creating an inter-galactic police force. Unstoppable robots with a penchant for eradicating sentient life, Manhunters went rogue and decided that all life is evil. They have planned and failed to replace all life-forms with artificial ones. Over time they have come into conflict with both the Green Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe.


An Oan by birth, Krona was one of the most brilliant scientists of his time. His craving to see the beginning of time led him to create a forbidden machine that exploded and fragmented the one true universe to create the Multiverse. He has lived in exile ever since, carrying out his deranged experiments to understand the secret to cosmic creation.