15 Actors Who Turned Down Iconic Roles For The Most Bizarre Reasons

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With how stressful Hollywood is, it can be difficult for celebrities to not get mad at petty issues. Actors in the past have turned down roles because no one would tell them how their character poops and pees. Take a look at 18 A-listers who turned down iconic roles for the most bizarre reasons ever:


1. Bill Murray – CHARLIE’S ANGELS

Bill Murray quit the film’s sequel because after having an intense feud with Lucy Liu where he told her “you can’t act.”

2. Brad Pitt – ABOUT A BOY

According to Brad Pitt, he was too hot to play a guy who needs to adopt a kid to pick up women.



Tom Cruise had no idea how ol’ Eddie Sharpfingers pooped and peed in that suit so he walked out of the film.


4. Mark Wahlberg – DONNIE DARKO

Mark Wahlberg had the brilliant idea of playing Donnie’s character with a lisp. When the director turned down his request calling it “stupid” he walked off.

5. John Rhys-Davies – SLIDERS

John hated how the film was written and found it scientifically inaccurate. He said, “I will actually say the words as written when you can actually write intelligent sentences.”


6. Jean-Claude Van Damme – PREDATOR

He said that he decided to quit the film after he saw a stuntman breaking his leg. (a director says this never happened). In reality, Van Damme just found the suit uncomfortable.



7. James Purefov – V FOR VENDETTA

He reportedly refused to do a film where he would have to wear a mask.

Berlin: James Purefoy in Mozart Biopic Casting – The Hollywood Reporter


8. Sean Connery – LORD OF THE RINGS

Sean Connery turned down the role of Gandalf because he never understood the role. He claimed that he read the book, script and even saw the movie yet didn’t understand anything.



9. Rick Moranis – THE ENTIRE 1980’S

Moranis left the industry to focus on his children after his wife passed away. He’s now a singer and writes music.

10. Kal Penn – HOUSE

Penn quit the entertainment industry for the US administration. He became a liaison for the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities and changed his name back to Kalpen Modi.


11. Freddie Prinze Jr. – THE ENTIRE 1990’S

Romcom star Freddie left behind his career to write for the WWE, after seeing a match in 2007.


12. Faye Dunaway – CHINATOWN

Director Roman Polanski pulled a stray hair from Faye’s head because it was messing up a shot. Although she did return, the environment became wildly toxic.

13. Steve Burns – BLUE’S CLUES

Burns left the film because he was going bald and didn’t feel like playing a weird adult child anymore.


14. Ewan McGregor – AMERICAN PSYCHO

Ewan McGregor had bagged the role but Christian Bale really wanted the part so he called him up and intimidated him till he gave up the role.


15. Tim Roth – HARRY POTTER

Roth turned down the role of Severus Snape because he wasn’t ready to have his face on merchandise, “I wasn’t ready to be on a lunch box.”



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