15 Cult Classic Sci Fi Shows Cancelled Too Soon That Are Perfect For A Netflix Revival

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Sci fi shows get cancelled every now and then. The costs and the ambitiousness of the project outweigh fan expectations most of the times. These sci fi shows were still a class apart. We hope the networks revive these shows as soon as possible.



A list about cancelled sci fi shows fans want to come back will be incomplete without Firefly. In the future, humanity has taken to the stars. But with more resources and territory, comes various unknown threats. 500 years later, a motley crew travels the unknown regions of space aboard their spaceship. They come across warring factions as well as authority forces out to nab them.


The 4400

The 4400 tells a story that begins with exactly 4400 people that were registered missing coming back to Earth on a single day. Each person comes with a secrets of his or her own. Federal agents tasked with the investigation slowly make discoveries as to how the 4400 people returned.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


The Sarah Connor Chronicles were set after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Sarah Connor and her son evade the government as they plot to create a resistance strong enough to prevent the coming apocalypse.


A small town in Kansas is left in the dark after a nuclear apocalypse takes down the whole world. The drama and the tension in this series was so intense it used to give us goosebumps. When it was cancelled, the global small screen fraternity sighed in depression.


Dark Angel

If you would have given us a choice as to which show out of the 15 we would want to be revived, our vote would be Dark Angel. A group of genetically enhanced children escape a laboratory. Years later, one of the escapees named Max is working in the post apocalyptic Pacific North west



Dollhouse had an epic premise. lost young souls were captured, and their memories erased. they would then be given fake memory implants and sent to various assignments. The show asked us a very important question regarding human existence – are we made up of our bodies or our minds?


Granted this show never actually fell in the realm of science fiction, but this drama thriller show did have those vibes. touch told the story of a young boy who used mathematics to blur the line between magic and science. This young boy had deduced the mathematics behind the universe and used it to predict the future. naturally, he became a target for various forces.


Stargate Universe

Powerful artefacts that act as teleportation device exist on Earth, hidden and buried. These artefacts act as teleportation devices, with which alien races from different worlds used to visit Earth in ancient times, leading to the origin of stories about Gods in different mythologies. Stargate universe is the story of a group of humans trapped in an ancient spaceship billions of lightyears away, trying to find their way back to earth.



After a deadly hurricane all but destroys his neighborhood, a Florida park ranger must deal with mysterious and strange occurrences that start happening all over the vicinity of the disaster.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova was a really ambitious show. It had amazing production value just like Firefly. It was filled with a talented star cast like Firefly. And it made a watery demise, just like Firefly. The story centered on the Shannon family, who were sent from 2149 to prehistoric Earth to restart human civilization from scratch.



An Earth astronaut is accidentally thrown into a distant part of the universe. He then joins a spaceship crew full of fugitive aliens. Farscape was considered one of the pioneer shows of science fiction back in the Early 2000’s. it’s a shame it was cancelled.



Every person on Earth blacks out at the same time for a few moments. When they regain their senses, each person now has a glimpse of what happens to them in the future. An FBI taskforce now investigates this bizarre event and comes to planet-shattering conclusions.

Almost Human

A detective teams up with a cutting edge robot companion in a future timeline. The detective is broken but so is the perfect android. The duo make a good team and help each other fight crime in the future. Karl Urban steals the show in this one.



The way this show started, gave us those twists, and then ended on a cliffhanger, with the viewers never going to find out what happens next – is an absolute crime and you know it. Superpowered cops fight superpowered criminals – that’s literally the entire story. But what made the show special was that it took its sweet time for the build up.



Caprica was set more than half a century before the Galactic saga. The story involves the world of the 12 colonies and how forces at play are trying to master the artificial intelligence technology that will one day doom humanity.

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