15 Facts About ‘The Simpsons’ That Make It The Greatest Animated Sitcom Ever

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Several generations have grown up watching the satirical drama in the Simpsons family. Bart, Lisa, and Maggie might not have grown up a bit through these 33 seasons but we surely have. We can give you 15 reasons why The Simpsons remain unbeatable as the greatest animated sitcom:



1. The yellow family has broken tons of records. For starters, The Simpsons is the longest-running animated sitcom, has the most Emmy Awards won for an animated TV series, the most People’s Choice Awards by an animated series, the most guest stars featured in an animated series, and the most liked TV show on Facebook.

2. Once Matt Groening was so upset with the Critic crossover inclusion in “A Star is Burns” that he got his name removed from one episode. Groening’s name doesn’t appear in the opening credits.

3. Krusty The Clown was inspired by real-life clown Rusty Nails. The Portland entertainer was “a very sweet clown,” says Matt Groening who grew up watching him.

4. The iconic sound of “D’oh” that Homer makes was inspired by Laurel and Hardy’s James Finlayson’s “D’oooooh”. What we hear from Homer is a shortened version of that expression. Laurel and Hardy used it in the script as a fill-in for “damn.”

5. Most voice actors of the show are paid highly well. Initially, when the show started, the unknown actors were earning $30,000 per episode. In today’s time, they fetch $400,000 from a single episode.

6. Elizabeth Taylor lent her voice for Maggie when she uttered her first words. Matt Groening said, “We did 24 takes, but they were always too sexual.”

7. The Simpsons is actually a spin-off of The Tracey Ullman Show. The Simpsons family was first featured in a series of interstitial cartoon shorts on the FOX sketch comedy show.

8. When he was introduced, Krusty The Clown was going to be Homer in disguise. The initial plan was that Bart would discover Homer was Krusty, and it would bring the two together

9. Did you know? The ‘Comic Book Guy’ actually has a name. It’s Jeffrey “Jeff” Albertson.

10. The story of how Matt Groening coined Homer’s name is rather odd. Apparently, his dad’s name is Homer Groening. However, Groening explains, “I thought Simpson was a funny name in that it had the word ‘simp’ in it, which is short for ‘simpleton’ – I just went with it.”

11. Matt Groening was in high school when he first thought of Bart’s character. He wrote a book as a kid about a boy named Bart Simpson whose father Homer would get mad at him.

13. To complete one episode from pitch to production it takes 6-8 months. That’s nearly equivalent to the time it takes for making a baby!

14. The sole reason why the characters in Simpson are yellow is that they appear to be eye-catching. An animator showed the color to Matt Groening who approved “because when you’re flicking through channels with your remote control, and a flash of yellow goes by, you’ll know you’re watching The Simpsons.”

15. If you notice God (and sometimes Jesus) always has five fingers unlike everyone else in the Simpsons universe.



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