15 Lies Movies And TV Taught Us About Violence And Weapons

It’s sad but Hollywood has been feeding us bogusness for decades. It’s time we learn things don’t work the way they show it in movies. Here are 15 lies movies and TV taught us about violence and weapons:

1) Punching someone in the head is not the best idea.

Violence And Weapons

If you manage to land a punch in someone’s face, you’re more likely to hurt your hand. The human skull is full of hard, sharp things. It’s quite likely that your hand will hurt more than your opponent’s face.


2) Sword Fighting was not just about clanging the blades.

Violence And Weapons

Striking your opponent with your sword was important but you’d also grab, punch, and kick them according to the 18th-19th century rules.

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3) A silencer won’t make a gunshot as quiet as a whisper

Violence And Weapons

When gunpowder explodes, there’s going to be enough sound to wake up a sleeping man even if there’s a silencer put.


4) If you lose a hand, it’s most likely over for you

Violence And Weapons

If your hand is cut from your body, you’ll bleed out very fast and are likely to lose consciousness in less than a minute.


5) Hanging a really long sword on your back isn’t a good idea

Unless you have a really small sword, it’s no point hanging it on your back. It’ll give your foe a fully outstretched arm to hack at.


6) Bullets don’t fly in a straight line

Bullets like any other object are affected by gravity. Once fired, a bullet will fall to the ground just as fast as it would if you dropped it from your hand.


7) Chloroform won’t instantly knock you out

Making someone unconscious using chloroform takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Your target needs to be extremely cooperative and refrain from fighting for a while in order for this to work.


8) Bulletproof vests aren’t 100% bulletproof!

A bulletproof vest will only keep the bullets out of your body, you might still end up getting seriously injured. If the vest isn’t of a high rating, it will only give you protection against certain kinds of ammo.


9) Machine guns run out of bullets very fast.

In movies, there’s always an unending hail of bullets coming out of a machine gun. You’ll run dry in seconds every time you use an automated weapon. and there’s no cheat for infinite ammo!


10) Shooting at a car won’t cause it to explode

To make an explosion, you need fire present. Regular bullets aren’t made to set things on fire. The max they can do is get you a hole in the gas tank.


11) Sniping isn’t just about putting your target in the crosshair

It takes a hell lot of cognitive physics and other factors to snipe a target. You need to take into consideration the burn rate of gunpowder at different temperatures, the weather, and even the spin of Earth.


12) Kicks are no good in combat

Kicking is slow, cumbersome and leaves your crotch exposed to a counterattack.


13) Shooting at a lock won’t help

If you shoot at a lock, all you’re going to get is a mangled and unopened lock


14) Swords won’t go ‘Schwing’ when you draw them out

In order to get that dramatic sound, you need a metal sheath. The scraping will only blunt your sword’s sharp edge.


15) Fingerprints are super hard to find on guns

Even if you wipe a gun clean and then hold it, the rough edges and surfaces won’t allow the prints to take hold.


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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.