15 TV Characters With The Best Story Arcs, Ranked

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Some TV characters in the stories get remembered for their unmatched growth. Their story becomes a critical point as it makes them who they are, whether loved by the audience or not. Let’s see some of the TV characters who had the best story arcs, which the viewers loved.


1. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones: We saw Sansa grow up from a stage where she was a typical teenage girl who just thought about love and marrying a prince. Instead, she grew up to be a bold mature queen.

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2. Michael from A Good Place: Michael’s character development has to be one of the best as he was a person who loved to torture people at first, but towards the end, he became someone who was best friends with his peers and tried to save humanity.

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3. Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars: Alison was a mean girl at first, but then later, as she consciously made an effort to change herself, it eventually paid off as she became worth people’s time.

Analyzing A — ALISON

4. Walter White from Breaking Bad: His character went from a simple high school teacher to a badass drug lord. The way he made his plans, the way he started thinking it all, just made him a brilliant mastermind.

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5. Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill: Her journey from being a simple scared party girl to becoming a mother, the CEO of a company, and best friend of Peyton, is remarkable. She was dealt with her past, accepted it, and moved forward.

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6. Steve from Stranger Things: Steve’s story went from being a bully to becoming the group’s head when tragedy struck. However, he’s always caring about others, and his attitude of never giving up makes his character remarkable.

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7. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries: His character went from the savage blood-sucking vampire, who was unpredictable and lousy, and created chaos to a guy who is there for everyone and to save them.

Damon Salvatore TV characters

8. Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf: She turns her life around from being a powerless selfish teenager to someone who has great intelligence and uses it to save her friends selflessly.

Lydia Martin TV characters


9. Nick Miller from New Girl: He is probably the most relatable character who was never going to change his conventional ways. Still, in the end, he stops stalling and finally starts following his passion for writing, which is inspirational.

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10. Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill: In the beginning, Nathan was a selfish and mean character who only cared about basketball. But when he changed himself to be better, he inspired all of us by his spirit of picking himself up and never stop trying.

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11. Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries: In the beginning, Caroline is the typical chatty girl who gets pushed around a lot, all of that is changed when towards the end. She becomes powerful and is still sensible while making any decisions.

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12. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time

Emma Swan | Once upon a time TV characters

13. Eleanor Shellstrop from A Good Place: She was an unpleasant person at the start, but she fights to know the truth and decides to be with her friends and fight for humanity, something nobody thought she would do initially.

TV characters good place

14. Arya Stark from Game of Thrones: Arya’s story is full of twists and turns but eventually the person she becomes is tremendous, the skillset she acquires and her journey to survive is empowering.

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15. Eleven from Stranger Things: Eleven learns how things work in the real world throughout the series, which makes her confident and sure of her powers and ability to love and protect people.

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