16 Hidden Adult Jokes in Spongebob Squarepants

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A lot of kid’s TV shows have hidden adult jokes which went right over our heads when we watched them as kids. Have you ever wondered who started putting adult jokes in kid’s TV shows? Was it the Simpsons, or Ren and Stimpy, or Phineas and Ferb? These adult jokes were probably the reason our parents used to laugh out loud sometimes while watching cartoons with us. SpongeBob is one such show which has plenty of hidden adult jokes. Here is a list of few adult jokes hidden in SpongeBob which we failed to understand when we watched it as kids:


1. That time when Mr. Krabs decided to give Plankton an extra surprise after flushing him down the toilet for trying to steal Krabby Patty’s secret formula.

2. The fact that Squidward liked Spongebob dressed as a maid while serving him in bed.


3. They live at a place called “Bikini Bottom”; which might have another meaning too.

4. When SpongeBob asked Mr. Krabs in the pool if he can feel it now.

5. When SpongeBob fed jellyfish by putting jelly on his face and said, “Who wants to lick my cheeks”.

Who wants to lick my cheeeeeks?: spongebob


6. When SpongeBob asked his classmate how to organize the pencils and his classmate asked him to shove them.

7. Sandy fought a French Fish named the Tickler- French Tickler is a type of condom.

8. When a fish named scooter mistook Spongebob’s pet seahorse Mystery as a fun ride and inserted a coin into some “coin slot”.


9. When SpongeBob told Patrick that his “genius” was showing and Patrick immediately covered his crotch.

10. That time when SpongeBob was watching T.V. and nervously changed the channel when Gary entered the room.

11. Patrick once hinted at using the Barnacle chips in a unique way.


12. When Sandy wondered if SpongeBob had any hair.

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13. The fact that Sandy Cheeks’ name is Sandy Cheeks.

14. That time when Spongebob cracked the prison shower joke.


15. That time SpongeBob gave Squidward a cake that said, “Sorry for the Scabies”.

16. That time when Mr. Krabs wondered if it was SpongeBob’s nose that was poking out.

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