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Oscars: 18 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up The 2021 Awards Show

Oscars 2021 has many hilarious moments that made the audience literally roll on the floor laughing. Some of them are absolutely on-point and truly epic, and we couldn’t help but share them with you. So, here are 18 hilarious tweets of Oscars 2021 that sums up those moments. Guess which is the first one? I am sure you guessed it right. Let’s go!

1. His mom must have literally gone nuts.

2. Directors and Cinematographers. The Nomadland Cinematographer – Damn!

3. Golden Crocs? Uhhh! It’s a faux pas.

4. The octopus didn’t mind, though. XD. It is one of the best hilarious tweets about Oscars 2021.

5. I think the yogurt is a free game now.

6. The hair is fine, though. But, such a cute gesture. They just gave us another couple goal.

7. It’s not confusing. It’s amazing!

8. Frances McDormand is a national treasure. She didn’t even hesitate.

9. It’s a satire on how North Americans can’t multitask. An epic hilarious tweet on Oscars.

10. I’m sure he got smashed by his mom after that speech. His mother and sister’s expressions beat everything.

11. She grabbed his hand like it was her only chance. LOL! She looked really cute, though.

12. Did he say ‘Blue lives matter?’. What a powerful anti-hate speech, though. One of the best speeches of the Oscars and hilarious tweets too.

13. An octopus can smoke 8 joints at the same time. LMAO.

14. From a meme to an Oscar nomination, this itself is movie material. Isn’t this the best picture?

15. Hell! It’s a scam.

16. Octopus be like: I’m so sick of that shit. Let me live.

17. She saved the night just like that. Her twerk is getting more famous that any other hilarious tweets.

18. This 70’s outfit is so freaking cool! His outfit is probably the best one among the rest of the gentlemen.

Written by FandomWire Staff