20 Easter Eggs That Marvel Hid In Moon Knight Episode 4

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1. Moon Knight has constantly included hints to symbolize the three personalities sharing one body. In this opening scene, you can spot three bullet holes in the windshield of the truck that Layla drives.

Moon Knight Episode 4

2. We were teased with Layla’s father’s death in Episode 3 and in this episode we learn Marc was present on the day he was murdered by mercenaries. The story connects dots to Dr. Peter Alraune’s comic book history where it’s shown that Marc was there at the spot where Peter died.

Moon Knight Episode 4

3. Marc tells Layla that he was destined to die the same night as her father but he didn’t. This connects us to a storyline from the Moon Knight comics where Marc is shot and murdered the same night as Dr. Peter, but Khonshu resurrects him and makes him Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode 4

4. Marc waking up in the psych ward is a storyline from Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight comic book series (2016). The comic narrates the story of Marc waking up in a psych ward, only to discover that his time fighting crime as Moon Knight was all made up. 

5. The guy calling the bingo numbers (Crawley) was the same dude who sat like a statue listening to Steven’s rants.

6. Crawley is holding the same hat in which people were throwing him tips.

7. In the psych ward, one of the patients can be spotted solving a Rubik’s cube. In Episode 1 we saw Steven solving a cube in order to remain awake.

8. The attendant who’s handing out Jell-O to patients was Bobbi who we met in Episode 2 as one of Harrow’s followers

9. Donna who we met as Steven’s boss at the museum was also present in the psych ward

10. The clock behind Donna in the psych ward has Khonshu’s staff as one of the needle hands.

11. The attendant who has a cupcake cart is Layla’s acquaintance Bek, seen in Episode 3 when Marc and Layla were going to see Mogart.

12. The cupcakes give us a callback to episode 1 where Marc was chased by Harrow’s men as he drove a cupcake truck.

13. A patient in the psych ward can be seen sketching a bird that has the same beak as Khonshu.

14. There’s also Steven’s one fin Goldfish ‘Gus’ in the psych ward

15. The attendant who talks to Marc and helps him sit back into his wheelchair is Billy who we met in Episode 2 as one of Harrow’s men

16. Inside the psych ward, Layla can be seen eating Turkish delight just as she did in Episode 3 when her fake passport was being made. She is also putting up postcards like the ones Steven had in his apartment.

17. Inside Dr. Harrow’s office in the psych ward, Arthur’s cane and sandals can be seen that he has been wearing and using so far in Moon Knight.

18. The painting that Marc sees in Dr. Harrow’s office is of the place where Steven woke up in Episode 1 before coming face to face with Harrow and his men. 

19. Marc first frees Steven who is trapped inside a sarcophagus and later spots another rattling sarcophagus in a different room of the psych ward. This is possibly a nod to Jake Lockley who is one of Marc’s other personalities from the Moon Knight comics. 

20. Marc and Steven encounter Taweret, a giant hippo goddess when they were making their run from the psych ward. Tawaret was the protector of women and children in ancient Egyptian mythology. We did in fact see Tawaret in Episode 1 when Steven was organizing merchandise at the museum with Donna.


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