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20 Moments Of Tom Holland And Zendaya Being The Absolute Cuties They Are

If you love Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, there’s no way you do not ship Tom Holland and Zendaya. There have been countless rumors about the young Hollywood stars enjoying a secret relationship after playing the on-screen couple Peter Parker and MJ. Every time the duo is spotted with each other, holding hands or sharing adorable moments, the rumors begin to swirl up.

Often called the next Tony Stark and Pepper Potts of the MCU, here are Tom and Zendaya being the absolute cuties they are and sharing 30 adorable moments:

1. When they made a child’s day by visiting him at the hospital:

2. When the two went shopping together:

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3. When Zendaya poked fun at the news that she was dating Tom and Tom had a perfect reply:

4. When they do the most hilarious poses for the cameras:

5. When Tom was in awe after seeing Zendaya in Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” video:

6. When Zendaya was in awe after watching Tom deliver his iconic “Umbrellaperformance on Lip Sync Battle:


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7. When Zendaya hilariously called out Tom for his ‘interesting’ tagging on Instagram.

8. …and Tom cutely acknowledged his mistake by updating the caption:

9. We’ll never know who’s weirder but according to Zendaya it’s Tom

10. When Zendaya was the absolute best friend that she is and helped Tom download the new Spider-Man trailer

11. When Zendaya lost it after Tom poked fun at his big ears

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12. When Zendaya ridiculed Tom’s energy and asked him to chill tf out:

13. When Zendaya expressed how done she was with Tom:

14. Get somebody to look at you the way Tom looks at Zendaya:

15. When Tom posted a picture of his lunch and Zendaya enjoyed him getting roasted for his lack of seasoning:


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16. When Zendaya was felt crushed by Tom’s fame:

17. When Zendaya called out Tom again for cropping her out of an Instagram picture:



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18. When Tom presented Zendaya like a queen on the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere:

19. When Zendaya wrote a poem for Tom:

20. When you can see Tom smiling through the mask:

Do you ship Tom and Zendaya too? Tell us in the comment section what you feel about them!


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