EXCLUSIVE: 'Batgirl' Series Coming To DC Universe

FandomWire has learned that the ever-expanding roster of original shows being developed for the DC Universe digital streaming has just gotten larger, via our very own DC Correspondent Lance Ausfresser, who also runs over a dozen DC-based groups on social media.

Inside sources have stated that Warner Bros. Television has ordered a 13-episode live-action series starring iconic DC heroine, Batgirl, for the DC Universe streaming service. Not much is currently known about when the series will premiere, what the first season is based on, if it is connected to the other DC Universe shows, and more importantly who will be portraying Batman‘s female protege. The only thing that has presently been disclosed is when cameras will start to roll on the Bat-based series.

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Batgirl is set to start filming in February of 2019 with a potential 2020 release date alongside the adult animated Harley Quinn series that is also speculated to premiere on the service in 2020. A showrunner has yet to be announced but it is possible that DC television veteran, Greg Berlanti, could have some type of role in the show’s development as he is currently involved with other DC Universe original shows such as Titans, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl. It possible that Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg could be approached to be the showrunner for Batgirl if she has not already after having left Marvel Television to develop new projects for Warner Bros. Television division. Warner Bros. would want to have a strong female writer who has developed female-based comic book TV properties previously to run a project such as this one. How this series’ production could affect the currently in-development Batgirl film that is set within the DC Extended Universe is unknown.

Currently, there have been three characters in the DC mythos to hold the mantle of Batgirl. The first Batgirl was Barbara Gordon who is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon who would later go on to become the Oracle and leader of the Birds of Prey. The second Batgirl was Stephanie Brown who is the daughter of small-time Batman rogue Cluemaster and is now currently the Spoiler. The third Batgirl was Cassandra Cain who is the daughter of Batman rogue David Cain and she is now currently referred to as Orphan.

It is not known when Warner Bros. Television/DC Entertainment plan to announce the series but it is possible that they could announce it on Batman Day as a way to keep up the hype during the day or on the DC Daily news show as they have stated previously that would be the place that they would make any big announcement concerning their films, comics, and television projects.

The DC Universe digital streaming service is set to launch on September 15th to coincide with DC’s annual Batman Day event. DC Universe is a service which will allow DC fans to enjoy all of their favorite comics, television shows, and movies all in one place.

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