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‘Generic’ Batgirl Plot Reportedly Leaks Online – Fans Are Thankful Brendan Fraser Movie Was Canceled

'Generic' Batgirl Plot Reportedly Leaks Online - Fans Are Thankful Brendan Fraser Movie Was Canceled

Brendan Fraser was supposed to make his debut in the superhero realm with DC’s now-canceled Batgirl. But much to the disappointment of Fraser fans the movie was canceled despite the filming being completed and a whopping $90 million spent on the production.

Brendan Fraser fans happy as Batgirl gets cancelled
Brendan Fraser fans are happy as Batgirl gets canceled

However, ever since the cancelation of the film, the plot of the movie has been leaked on multiple platforms, garnering the attention of the fans. While certain fans have been angry at the cancellation, many expressed their gratitude since they think that the film lacked in multiple areas.

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Fans Happy As Brendan Fraser Starrer Batgirl Gets Cancelled

Fraser would have starred as the DC villain Firefly
Fraser would have starred as the DC villain Firefly

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Fans were certainly excited when they heard Brendan Fraser get a well-deserved role of the DC supervillain Firefly in the now-canceled Batgirl. However, ever since the plot of the movie was leaked last year, fans are happy that the movie was canceled. The reason being the movie would have been mediocre at best, and the storyline didn’t seem to weave a cohesive and captivating narrative.

Here is how fans reacted to the cancelation:

While Brendan Fraser would have been excellent as Firefly, the film’s shortcomings would have only hindered his career trajectory which is only beginning to take flight again.


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Why DC’s Batgirl Was Canceled

Fans label Batgirl as generic after script leak
Fans label Batgirl as generic after script leak

DC for the longest time has been trying to have an ‘organized’ and ‘connected’ universe similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While lately, they look to have been failing to do so, the move to cancel Batgirl was a result of this ‘organizing attempt’. They explained the cancelation was also a result of their leadership’s strategic shift.

Furthermore, many sources have claimed that the studio felt the movie was not big enough, unworthy of having a big theatrical release in light of the effect of the pandemic on the box office, and was apparently not even small enough to earn a release on a streaming platform.

While fans have expressed that they would rather have the movie released on a streaming platform, many expressed thanks that DC chose to cancel it since it seems like Warner Bros has seemingly run out of the fuel to make ‘great’ superhero movies.

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