2021 TV Shows That Should Have Been On The Map But Weren’t

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Over the past few years, the artistry and kind f stories have only scaled up in the world of TV series. There is no denial in the fact that presently, TV series are twice more anticipated than movies and create more buzz. In addition to this, the place where one can stream all their favorite watch has narrowed down with fewer streaming devices. Most of the OTTs compete to come up with more exciting shows and redefine the traditional series. But what’s the loop in all the abundance of shows? Many small shows or recreations get easily swept under the carpet and forgotten. Last year was exceptional because of TV shows, but this might not be true. Let’s have a look at 2021 TV Shows that must be on your must-watch list but isn’t.


The Return Of Chucky Created The Buzz

Back in 1988, the Child’s Play series got wildly popular as it introduced the sweet but murderous doll Chucky. The movie was a remarkable take on the traditional doll view, and this movie made it to headlines. Yet, surprisingly, even after seven films in the franchise and a modern reboot, there’s a lot still left to be portrayed. In 2021, Chucky again resurfaced because of its series. But it got lost somewhere under the light of a more popular show. But loyal fans loved every bit of the show and are ardently waiting for season 2.

2021 TV Shows

Dopesick sheds light on a tragic Epidemic

A Hulu original and one of the most underrated series of 2021 was Dopesick. The show is a walkthrough of addiction, loss, and augmented greed that hooks you till the end. This one-of-a-kind series went down the radar of 2021 TV shows. But it did garner a lot of praise and fame at the Golden Globes. Many fans anticipate that the show will be nominated for this year’s Emmy awards.

2021 TV Shows


Apple TV’s Physical Will Shake You Too The Core

Unlike various OTT platforms, Apple TV has been meticulous in the kind of show that they make for the audience. Various Apple TV shows have garnered a vast audience, but some of the others got forgotten. Physical, an Apple TV original quietly came and gone. But you do not want to make this mistake and step over the show. The show narrates the story of a housewife who has impulse control issues. But the air around her changes as she embraces aerobics and steps on the path of self-empowerment.


Cheery Flavor’s Horror Missed At Terrifying You

The most-watched OTT platform, Netflix, can be a little overwhelming in terms of the TV shows they produce. The number of shows is so much that it is quite likely that the audience might end up missing one or the other. Brand New Cherry Flavor was released in 2021 and became one of the most kaleidoscopic horrors shows out there. The show feels like straight out of 90’s David Lynch movies, but with 10 times more horrifying scenes that will live in you.

2021 TV Shows

Station Elven’s drama got lost in the flow

HBO’s original series Station Eleven was released at the end of 2021. The story narrates life in a post-apocalyptic world. The show is likely to hook you from the very start and bind you with the protagonist’s character development. But as with the various 2021 TV shows, Station Eleven got lost in the flow. But as an audience, it must be on your must-watch list.

Station Elven



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