Disney: 6 Most Cliché Quotes That Fans Still Love

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Disney is known for its heartwarming stories and inspiring quotes that draw motivation and life lessons. It always leaves grains of moral lessons that can be applied in our everyday lives. Moreover, it teaches us the value of life, family, and friendship, above all.


Because Disney has to keep their trademark, they have to stick to the same messages. By using the power of language to convey words of truth and wisdom, Disney came up with some of the most popular and unforgettable lines in the history of animated films.

“Family Means No One Gets Left Behind…” (Lilo And Stitch)

Lilo and Stitch Disney


One of the most touching and important lessons in life is the concept of ‘Ohana’. It means family, and if you call something your family, it means you are always together in everything. Despite the hardships and struggles, your family always got your back.

Lilo and Stitch’s concept of a family might be different from ours but it does not change anything. You call someone family when you trust each other.

“Life Is Not A Spectator Sport…” (The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame)

Quasimodo Gargoyle Disney


Sometimes we need a pep talk to get our head back in the game, and that’s exactly what Laverne the Gargoyle did to Quasimodo. The poor hunchback bell-ringer keeps himself away from people and prefers to watch them enjoy the feast from afar.

Once in a while, we need to break out of our shells and live the life that is meant for us. Do not just watch your own life pass by – this is what Laverne exactly means!

“Love Is Putting Someone Else’s Needs Before Yours.” (Frozen)

Anna Olaf Frozen


Who would have thought that a snowman has the best love advice? Olaf really meant this with his whole being. He has witnessed how much Kristoff cares for Anna and how the young man is willing to go and sacrifice all for love.

Indeed, love is always persevering and enduring, but it is also giving and forgiving.

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Hearts Makes.” (Cinderella)

Cinderella Disney


This is taken from the lyrics of Cinderella’s famous theme song. This sweet and endearing line is a testament to the young woman’s pure heart and longing for true love. Not only in the form of romantic love but also her yearning for her family’s affection.

“The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Most Rare And Beautiful Of Them All.” (Mulan)


This is absolutely the most precious bit of wisdom from the movie. It represents Mulan’s courage and loyalty despite the struggles she faced. She did not hold herself back, and she fought like her true self.


This is indeed a quote that holds very deep meaning and can only be understood through experience.

“Princess, Sometimes You Just Have To Take A Risk.” (Aladdin)

Jasmine Aladdin

All her life, Princess Jasmine has been sheltered and locked up in the palace. Aladdin invited her to break the rules and break free from what was holding her prisoner. Sometimes, it truly takes one risky decision away from getting the life we dream of.


Take this line from Aladdin as your new mantra whenever you feel like turning back from a decision.


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