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5 Animated Movies That Portray Serious Issues

Behind the colorful and lively visual effects of animated movies lie grains of truth and portrayal of reality. Movies mirror society, and it is a great instrument to open the minds of young viewers to the actualities of life. It’s a wrong notion to think that animated movies are “just for kids” but rather, it brings out the inner child in all of us.

Big film production names such as Disney and Pixar have been integrating this style in most films nowadays. Introducing a serious matter in a comedic or wholesome way is not only clever but also helpful in raising awareness. Here are some animated movies that talk about serious matters:

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Quasimodo and Frollo animated movies

A highly underrated film that contains a lot of unresolved problems in today’s world, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a must-watch for everyone. Based on Victor Hugo’s classic French novel, the story deals with oppression, corruption, racism, and prejudice.

Claude Frollo’s character signifies the wickedness of society, as seen in both religious and societal contexts. From his hatred towards the poor church bell ringer, Quasimodo, to his condemnation against Esmeralda as an immoral woman, this movie will certainly open your mind to a wider, more profound perspective.



The prime theme of Disney’s Mulan centers on bravery and loyalty. A more profound sense to it can be squared up into battling gender-based prejudices. Mulan has always represented women’s struggle in society against misogyny and discrimination.

Mulan also deals with racism, as one of the few Asian princesses to ever grace a Disney production. The film is brimming with so much inspiration and wisdom, and it is one of the oldest Disney classics that you have to see!


Up Pixar animated movies

This Pixar movie narrates the special bond between a young schoolboy and a widowed elderly man as they go on an adventure that taught them life lessons they won’t forget. This is one of the most emotional animated films that will leave you contemplating about it for days.

Up deals with the matters of the heart, most especially grief and acceptance. Ellie and Carl were childhood best friends turned lovers until the woman passed away. Carl had a difficult time accepting the loss but the young schoolboy helped him overcome his sorrow.

Inside Out

Inside Out Pixar animated movies

Another from Pixar, Inside Out represents the psychology of human beings. It portrays the inner workings of our minds using different characters named after emotions. The concepts in the film are based on actual psychological researches.

Inside Out points out the importance of a well-balanced and healthy mental state. The disruption of any important emotion will cause imbalance, thus creating chaos and misunderstanding. Depression is a topic that most people avoid, and this movie just hinted at it in the most relatable manner.


Zootopia animated movies

One of humanity’s greatest enemies is inequality. Zootopia subtly dealt with this issue as it portrayed the yearning of the characters who just wanted to have a life of liberty and fairness. There will always be a hierarchy in the ecological perspective of society.

The movie conveyed a very substantial message using the most perfect metaphor: utilizing animals to depict human reality.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.