5 Movie Recommendations If You Like Disney’s Encanto

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Disney’s Encanto is one of the best movies that came out in 2021. With its heartwarming tale about love, family, and friendship – which Disney is known for – kids and adults alike will find a lot of life lessons and inspiration here. The movie recently won Best Animated Movie in the Golden Globes which is absolutely another reason to watch this film.


This tale of magic and musical fantasy is reminiscent of other Disney tales. Although, it separates itself from the themes of other Disney animated movies. Encanto tells the story of the Madrigals, an extraordinary family who lives in the hidden mountains of Columbia.

Without further ado, we’ve listed some Disney movies that you should also check out if you like Encanto:



Moana Disney Encanto

The film follows the journey of a young girl named Moana who sails the ocean both for fun and for saving her tribe. She is accompanied by a demigod called Maui as she ventures into the depths of the oceans.

Both Moana and Mirabel from Encanto share the same conviction and grit when it comes to pursuing their goals. They are both willing to do anything for their family. With a similar goal as Encanto, Moana aims to diversify the portrayal of Polynesians. This is the perfect choice of film if you’re looking for a very similar vibe.



Tangled Disney Encanto

This is a retelling of the classic Rapunzel fairytale that we all know. She has been locked up in a tower her whole life and all she ever dreamed of is to see the world and explore life out there.

Encanto shares the same heartwarming story and fantastic musical numbers. Both the protagonists have the same musings and are quite relatable. The visual aesthetics of both films are just magnificent!



Frozen Disney Encanto

To this day, Frozen remains to be one of the highest-grossing Disney films to ever graced the big screen. The magical winter theme and amazing vocals both performed by Elsa and Anna in the movies are the trademarks that solidified its status as pop culture.

Frozen took the world by storm and its groundbreaking popularity inspired a lot of films. Closely similar to it, Encanto expresses the same portrayals of sisterly love and self-acceptance. The iconic “Let It Go” song remains to be one of Disney’s most successful hit songs.



Coco Disney

Coco follows the story of Miguel who is passionate about singing and playing guitar. His family forbids music so when he crosses the Land of the Dead, he uncovers the truth about them and why they hate it.

The movie addresses a lot about family, forgiveness, and mortality. It has the same dynamics as Encanto as it pays respect to the Mexican culture.


Monster House

Monster House Encanto

Monster House is the perfect movie for those who love creepy magical vibes. It follows three children as they discover that the haunted house in their neighborhood is alive.

Like Encanto, this one tells a supernatural story that even kids can enjoy without being scared. The house in Encanto has a significant role which is similar to the case in Monster House.


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