5 Disney Movie Occasions We Would Love To Attend

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Disney movies are fond of elegant and extravagant parties. It is also as important as musical numbers or amazing fight scenes. These parties could be in celebration of victories after battles, a ball where lovers meet for the first time, or simply just a regular holiday in the calendar of the story.


Because parties are fun and exciting, we would love to join and experience what it is like to dance and celebrate the Disney way! From glamorous costumes to enchanted venues, Disney movies always call for grand and sophisticated occasions. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Royal Ball (Cinderella)

Cinderella Disney


Ah, the fairy godmother rescues Cinderella and glams her up for the best night of her life. She gets carried by a huge magical carriage to the ball where she meets the Prince. The clock strikes midnight, and we certainly know what happens next.

The thing is, this party is one of the grandest royalty occasions in Disney. Imagine seeing all these royal families and high-ranking officials gathered under one roof. We can, at least, just wish to be able to wear a pair of glass slippers just to fulfill our Disney princess dreams.

Lantern Festival (Tangled)

Tangled Disney


All her life, Rapunzel dreams of seeing the lanterns up close. It is no coincidence that these lights only show up on her birthday because it is really dedicated to her. These floating lights have become an annual tradition for the palace that they made it a festival.

It would be a dreamlike scene to be able to watch these lights while riding a boat. There is nothing more romantic than Flynn Rider taking Rapunzel to see the lanterns. The way it illuminates the entire kingdom just looks surreal.

The Feast Of Fools (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

Feast of Fools Hunchback Disney


If you are looking for super fun entertainment with games and live shows, The Feast of Fools is the perfect event. People drink copious amounts of alcohol, play tricks and watch street performers, or even dance with the gypsies!

What is more fun than enjoying the moment in the beautiful street of medieval Paris? Also called Topsy Turvy Day, people crown one commoner as the King of Fools.

Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball (The Princess And The Frog)

Mardi Gras


The masquerade ball is filled with gorgeous lights and jazz bands playing as the Mardi Gras float parades in the street. There are dancing, singing, and a whole lot of eating thanks to Tiana’s signature Cajun dishes. This party is certainly one of the grandest celebrations in a Disney film.

Día De Los Muertos (Coco)

Coco Dia de la Muertos Disney

This holiday basically honors our loved ones who passed away. The day is celebrated in a happy, colorful manner. For them, it is the time when their ancestors would visit the land of the living to spend a day with their family. Hence, it is a time for lively feast and merry gatherings.


One thing noticeable in the movie is the presence of marigolds, which is a kind of flower that is found in the Land of the Dead. It is said that these marigolds guide the spirits’ home.


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