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21 Years of The Princess Diaries: 7 Reasons It Remains the Most Guilt-Free, Wholesome Movie of All Time

21 Years of The Princess Diaries 7 Reasons It Remains the Most Guilt Free Wholesome Movie of All Time

It’s been 21 years since The Princess Diaries. If you are sitting on your couch searching to binge-watch something, The Princess Diaries is yours. It is a 2001’s coming-of-age comedy movie, directed by Gary Marshall. Here are seven reasons why it remains the most guilt-free, wholesome movie of all time:

The Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries

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1. We got to see Anne Hathway in a big role for the first time:

Anne Hathway in The Princess Diaries
Anne Hathway in The Princess Diaries

This movie is the reason why each and every one of us fell in love with Anne Hathway. This was her first time in a big role and the way she pulled off the character of a teenager and as an established young woman made people like her even more. After this movie, she started her career with many other types of movies.

2. Julie Andrews is the Queen!

Julie Andrews and Anne Hathway in The Princess Diaries
Julie Andrews and Anne Hathway in The Princess Diaries

Julie Andrews is definitely one of my personal favorites and I am sure she is your favorite too. The fact that she did the role of the Queen of Genovia was breathtaking.

3. The movie is a modern movie adding angles to Cinderella’s story:

Princess Diaries is the best
Princess Diaries is the best

When we are young, all girls at some point want to be a princess like Cinderella and Snow White, but that is just fantasy. This movie depicts the reality of how a young high school girl can also be a princess and treated like royalty, and get respect. This movie makes us trust ourselves.

4. It is the most wholesome movie:

Princess Diaries is the best
The most wholesome movie

The movie is so close to our hearts because it is not a very deep movie but it does carry a lot of important messages, and it is just perfect to watch this movie on bad days.

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5. How can we ignore the character Mia?

Our all time favourite Mia
Our all-time favorite Mia

Mia is just the best. She has the best room, to be honest. She is a young girl with a lot of humor who gets a crush on the most popular and attractive guy because, well- he’s popular and attractive! Well, he ends up alone. These provide us relief and laughs as we also relate.

6. The movie gave us some amazing advice:

The princess diaries
The princess diaries gave us amazing pieces of advice.

It shows how we need our family and friends to reach our destination. We need them to be by our side during our journey. The whole process that Mia went through to become royalty showed us the difficulties one has to go through.

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7. It teaches us to stand up for ourselves:

Mia stood up for herself
Mia stood up for herself

We get to see Mia lets her mom control her life, the Queen, Lily, but at the end of it all she stands up for herself and she takes her own decisions. As the dialogue goes, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” we get to understand the reality.

These were a few reasons why The Princess Diaries is still the best.

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Written by Kathakali Sarkar