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Loki: 22 Hilarious Tweets About Sylvie

After watching the Loki series, people literally began crushing on Sylvie played by Sophia Di Martino. Fans are going gaga over her performance in Loki and are expressing their love for her on Twitter. Here are 22 awesome tweets about Sylvie that will bring a smile on your face.

1. There’s a reason why people call her ‘Enchantress’.

2. Their duo is like, ‘I hate you, but I have a soft spot for you in my heart’.

3. This will be the most powerful yet hilarious team.

4. Oh my goodness, magicians are just too loud. Aren’t they? Lol

5. Bisexuality is another common factor between them.

6. Sylvie is probably gonna take aspects from both Loki and Enchantress.

7. They are just too adorable to watch.

8. They are just like Tom and Jerry, who fight all day but can’t live without each other.

9. I think Loki had dad issues, not mom issues.

10. People still think she’s Enchantress. Lmao.

11. Ahem ahem. This is way too accurate.

12. MCU would call it ‘Asgardian’ for ‘drunk’.

13. This is exactly what happened.

14. It looks so familiar though.

15. Kudos to Marvel for promoting LGBTQ in a great manner.

16. We want a Sylvie emoji ASAP.

17. Of course, they share great chemistry.

18. Every Sylvie fan be like, ‘Sylvie, will you please marry me?’

19. The whole thing is an enchantment by Sylvie. The moment I saw it, I was literally broke.

20. Absolutely! She was blissful in that episode.

21. She’s definitely enchanted my soul.

22. My heart was shattered into pieces after knowing that her plan has failed.