What Did Lady Loki Do To The TVA Hunter After Kidnapping Her

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The latest series of the MCU, Loki, has just aired two episodes, and it is already throwing us for a loop. As we are going ahead, more and more questions are rising regarding the TVA and Loki’s variant. 


The second episode continued with a baffled TVA trying to catch hold of the notorious variant that is wreaking havoc across the timeline. Meanwhile, the 2012 Loki is compelled to cooperate with Agent Mobius in exchange for his life. But this time, the course of events took a new turn as Lady Loki, or whoever she is, abducted one of the TVA Hunters. It was pretty odd indeed, considering how this variant has mercilessly killed the TVA hunters in the past. 


During one of the usual chasing games between the Minutemen and Lady Loki from one timeline to another, their paths cross at the 1985 Renaissance fair in Wisconsin. Most of the TVA hunters meet their inevitable fate at the hands of the variant, except for C-20. Lady Loki drags this agent to 2050 Alabama and keeps her alive. By now, we understand the trickster well enough to know that they plan every step well in advance, be it the original or the variant. So what was the purpose behind going through all this only to keep C-20 alive? 

By the end of the episode, the TVA agents and Mobius found the missing hunter, but it was too late by then. She was babbling stuff that made no sense to them, and had also given up the location of the Time Keepers. Perhaps, finding out the mysterious immortal beings’ whereabouts was a primary factor behind kidnapping her. But it still fails to answer why Lady Loki kept her alive after getting out the answers. Was that a trick to stall the TVA agents as it gave her enough time to execute the plan and kick-start the multiverse? 


It is rather intriguing and disturbing to watch the traumatized state of Hunter C-20. Her shaken psychological state must not be a result of Lady Loki’s mind control. Hunter B-15 never showed any of these symptoms despite being subjected to the same fate. It is clear that Hunter C-20 has undergone a devastating experience that left her in this condition. Perhaps, the next episode will throw some light on it.


Written by Ipshita Barua

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