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25 Tweets From “Loki” Episode 2 That’ll Have You Laughing Into An Alternate Timeline

????WARNING: Spoilers ahead, this article is for people watching Loki on Disney+. Do not read on unless you have watched till episode 2.????

The second episode of Loki is evidently funnier than the first one. Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson’s dynamic duo seems to be the backbone of the entire series. Since Loki wasn’t having fun at his desk job, he decided to make a run. With a quick and enjoyable transit towards its climax, the episode was a delight to watch.

However, the chaotic ending has put the TVA into a frenzy. Check out the most hilarious tweets about Loki’s latest episode that are trending on Twitter:

1. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if a portal opens at this point of time in Loki where Dr. Strange has this face:

2. It would’ve been Taylor Armstrong crying on the other side but Morbius was too calm:

3. Morbius had the EXACT face of that lady:

4. Is this the salad Frigga asked Thor to eat in Avengers: Endgame:

5. The salad recipe which Loki follows is way too messed up:

6. Trust in God the way Mobius trusts Loki:

7. Mobius and Ravonna Renslayer had the same energy as Michael Scott and Jo in this episode:

8. Seems like a payback from the God Of Mischief…

9. Mobius is acting like 14 y/o girl who is trying to explain why she can fix a God who has murdered hundreds:

10. Just a joke…


11. Lady Loki really just dropped the bomb and left…

12. A lot many reports tell us that she could be Enchantress and not Lady Loki:

13. Imagine Mobius arrives in Wakanda and T’Challa orders this for him:

14. That has been my constant mood since the COVID pandemic happened:

15. 50% of this episode was dedicated to educating the viewers about the timeline:

16. It’s ridiculous how they moved on this fast:

17. No cap this was the funniest shit from Episode 2:

18. That’s the scenario in my house every night before exams:


19. Somebody very lazy at Marvel Studios just photoshopped this photo of Tom Hiddleston into the show:

20. Can’t wait to see the instant reaction Mobius had after Loki’s escape in episode 3:

21. I bet Loki also surfed amazon for daggers:

22. My aunt in Indonesia has been a little worried since Loki’s episode 2 premiered:

23. I’m pretty sure they did, they just didn’t show it to us:

24. The Jet Ski is definitely going to be a fun element in the future episodes:

25. Let’s be honest, this is all anyone needs right now:

Loki episode 3 will be released on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 23, at 12:01 a.m. PT and 3:01 a.m. ET.

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