23 Beloved TV Characters That Singlehandedly Saved Entire Shows


Sometimes a show needs one character to save it from losing its viewers, and that is exactly what these characters did when they came and rescued the show from dropping down the list of things to watch. Here are 23 Beloved TV Characters That Singlehandedly Saved Entire Show.

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1. Frank on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (added in Season 2, Episode 1). He was introduced in the show’s second season but became such an essential character that it wouldn’t have worked out without him.

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2. Jess on Gilmore Girls (added in Season 2, Episode 5): He brought a lot of content with him. With his many love interests and banter with Tony, we all loved him as he made the show have more diversity.

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3. Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender (added in Season 2, Episode 6): When Toph came along, it paid off so well that we can’t imagine the show without him.

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4. Julian, Clay, and Quinn on One Tree Hill: The new characters put Payton and Lucas behind and gave Brooke a much more deserving story were worth it.

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5. Woody on Psych (added in Season 4, Episode 7): Although the plot wasn’t well written, Woody lightened it up and made it a little better.

This old interview with Kurt Fuller aka Woody: "[Psych] was the most fun I've ever had, and I'm friends with every one of 'em.": psych


6. Douglas on IT Crowd (added in Season 2, Episode 2): The show reached great heights and got funnier with the inclusion of Matt Berry as Douglas and made the growth even more fun.

The Best Of Douglas Reynholm | The IT Crowd | Part 2 - YouTube

7. Ben and Chris on Parks and Recreation (added in Season 2, Episode 23): After pushing through the first couple of seasons, the show takes a surprisingly pleasant turn when Ben and Chris entered.

Chris & Ben - TV Fanatic


8. Castiel on Supernatural (added in Season 4, Episode 1): After he came to the show, he brought a new dynamic and supported the show get a reignition.

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9. Juliet on Lost (added in Season 3, Episode 1)

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10. Leon Black on Curb Your Enthusiasm (added in Season 2, Episode 2)

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11. Andy on The Office (added in Season 3, Episode 1): He wasn’t as important as the rest of the show’s characters, but he sure added an exciting plot to the front.

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12. Lexie on Grey’s Anatomy (added in Season 3, Episode 24): Her goofy character with a beautiful charm impressed everyone and brought an innocent love story to the show.

Lexie Grey. (@SeramicTattler) | Twitter

13. Stephanie on Grey’s Anatomy (added in Season 9, Episode 1): Her growth on the show was inspiring.

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14. Patrick on Schitt’s Creek (added in Season 3 Episode 8): Although he was a supporting one, his character made a massive difference in the show.

Noah Reid As Dogs on Twitter: "Like everyone else, I'm having quite the time processing my emotions over the @schittscreek finale tomorrow. Patrick Brewer is hands-down one of my favorite fictional characters

15. Tormund on Game of Thrones (added in Season 3, Episode 1): Tormund was a significant role that came in the third season, and he filled in a supporting role that we never knew needed.

The Witcher Season 2 Confirms Game Of Thrones' Tormund As Nivellen | TV Series | Empire


16. The Mikaelson siblings on The Vampire Diaries

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17. Vince and Luke on Friday Night Lights (added in Season 4, Episode 1): As it was a high school, it was inevitable that new characters would come up, although the inclusion of Vince and Luke played off well.

Vince and Luke - TV Fanatic


18. Max on Stranger Things (added in Season 2, Episode 1)

max mayfield stranger things sadie sink | Stranger things outfit, Stranger things max, Stranger things characters

19. Nathaniel on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (added in Season 2, Episode 9)

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20. Marley, Kitty, Unique, and the other New Directioners on Glee (Unique included in Season 3, Episode 16; everyone else came in Season 4, Episode 1)

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21. Woody on Cheers (added in Season 4, Episode 1): He wasn’t so prominent at first, but later on, his role became irreplaceable and crucial to the show.

Woody Harrelson on the show Cheers) Haymitch's younger years! | Cheers tv show, Cheers tv, Movie stars


22. Yachi on Haikyuu! (added in Season 2, Episode 2):  The show was in desperate need of stronger characters. Yachi stepped up and filled the place perfectly.

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23. And finally, basically all the new characters in Season 2 of You (added in Season 2, Episode 1): Almost all the characters in the second season made the show tremendously exciting. They added more depth to an already intriguing show, and it just made it better.

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