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23 Things in Movies & TV That Americans Do That Don’t Make Sense To Non-Americans

23 Things in Movies TV That Americans Do That Dont Make Sense To Non Americans

There are so many hilarious things that Americans do in movies and TV shows which annoy non-Americans. Many people have tweeted about these American stereotypes that make you laugh. Here are 23 things Americans do in movies and TV shows that don’t make any sense to non-Americans.

1. Lol! This is soo true. Remember Emma Stone in the SNL?

2. Accurate as hell. There are 27 states in Europe. Everyone says that they are going to Europe, but no one says where they are exactly going.

3. When it’s a breakfast scene, there will be pancakes on the table for sure! I don’t know, why?

4. Definitely, summer camp is a frequent thing! But it is even more frequent in American movies and TV shows.

5. Exactly! After having six shots of whiskey, they will be like, “I’m normal” and falls asleep’. ROFL.

6. In reality, football is one of the sports, just like every other sport in college.

7. Once I spelled my name to my English professor and asked for extra marks. Instead, she reduced my marks.

8. In my country, if someone leaves keys in their car, the car will be gone the next minute.

9. I think they follow the rule of ‘Eat breakfast like a king’.

10. Some stranger climbs up to the rooftop to have a nice chat. Like really? Who does that in reality?

11. Many people are eager to know this! Why does it happen all the time? Isn’t it normal to have normal doors?

12. I still wonder whether it is real bacon or just a showpiece.

13. Let’s normalize this.

14. I believe high school is the time to not take things too seriously.

15. Seriously? Coffee at midnight? Of course, coffee is good but does that really happen?

16. On point! I used to think what is the liquid topping on the popcorn in American movies & TV shows. The popcorn always looks so yellowish.

17. In school, we can find different types of people hanging out together. They are definitely not divided into groups like nerds, jocks, geeks, preps, punks, etc. That’s a high school stereotype!

18. It is unbelievable to see parents send their kids to military schools in American movies & shows over a problem.

19. The most common thing you will find in a brunch scene of American movies & TV shows is meatloaf.

20. Absolutely! School merch is still a dream for many.

21. Seriously! It works just because it’s a movie.

22. It is an intense workout. I feel there are a lot more simple workouts.

23. Purchasing a fake id is a punishable offense. However, they can get away with it because it’s a movie.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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