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The American Pie Franchise has made enough money to be counted as a successful franchise of Hollywood. Earning more than half a billion dollars in total Box Office Sales, the sex comedy series has become a force to be reckoned with. Many well-known actors of Hollywood like Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, Chris Klein, Tara Reid and Alyson Hannigan shot to fame only after getting their big break in the American Pie movies. After eight successful movies, the next American Pie movie is coming to Netflix. You heard that right. The next sex comedy adventure in the franchise will be a Netflix Adaptation. And here is everything we know so far.


The movie will be directed by Mike Elliott. It will be the ninth overall installment to the series and the fifth movie in the American Pie Presents franchise, a spin-off series of the original. The streaming giant Netflix has fixed a 2020 release date for the new Girls Rule movie. It will be coming in the fall of this year. Expectations run high on the new movie since it has a very good Director behind the camera and an ensemble cast that includes very big names of the movie making industry.


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American Pie: Girls Rule is taking a novel approach to the movie franchise. It will be a female centric movie. Previous entries were always male centric and Netflix is trying to cater to the new wave by making the ninth installment a little more inclusive. Expect a lot of wild parties and sex starved exploits in the movie. There will probably be a little bit more gender appropriate humor unlike the predecessors, who were almost always blamed of misogynistic scenes that demeaned the fairer sex. The political correctness aside, one good thing is that the movie will also see the return of Stifler, played (and immortalized) by Sean William Scott in the series.


As with the movies that came before it, American Pie: Girls Rule will also be set in the vestiges of East Great Falls. The movie will follow a group of teenagers as they go on crazy adventures. This time, the group of teenagers will be a group of women. The official synopsis for the movie goes something like this:

“It’s Senior year at East Great Falls! Annie, Kayla, Michelle and Stephanie decide to finally harness their girl power and band together to get what they want their last year of high school.


“The boys won’t know what hit them when these sassy sweethearts are calling the shots. Wild parties, sexy adventures and a Stifler bring the heat in this hot new slice of American Pie!”

When does the Movie hit Netflix?

Most of the movies released under the American Pie Presents banner end up in the Direct to DVD department. This movie will be no different. Before the movie hits Netflix, you will be able to buy the Straight to DVD format of the movie from the stores. The movie will then be released digitally over Netflix a few days or weeks later. What we know so far is that the movie will hit Netflix soon right after the physical DVD release since the streaming partner has entered into a direct agreement with Mike Elliott, Director of American Pie: Girls Rule.


The Lead Characters of the movie

There will be four primary cast members in the movie. Annie, Michelle, Kayla and Stephanie are all new faces to the American Pie Universe. Madison Pettis of Cory in the House fame plays Annie. Pettis’ status as a former Disney Channel child star will be washed away with her new hot girl image in the movie. Kayla will be portrayed by Piper Curda, another former Disney Channel star who has starred in shows like I Didn’t Do it. Natasha Behnam takes on the role of Michelle. Behnam has appeared in shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Stephanie Stifler, belonging to the same family as Sean William Scott’s Stifler character, will be played by Lizzie Broadway of Here and Now fame. Darren Barnet from Never Have I Ever plays Grant in the movie. Ed Quinn of 2 Broke Girls and Zachary Gordon of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame play Kevin and Emmet respectively.

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The Trailer Reveal

The Trailer was released by Universal a while ago and it shows the roles being reversed. This time the onus is on the girls instead of the boys. The women are having trouble with their love lives and in order to rectify that, they decide to go on a crazy sex-themed adventure. The story seems all too familiar if you are a hard core American Pie fan. It sounds almost like the original American Pie comedy. American Pie: Girls Rule is probably taking many leaves from the original raunchy teen comedy.

What it means for the franchise


The direction the new American Pie movie will take is certainly interesting. The sex comedies have never been told from the eyes of teenage girls. They will be the ones on the steering wheel this time, driving the plot forward in a direction of their choosing. The original 1999 movie spanned a revolution in the genre it was set in. To date, the total sales of the franchise have crossed $884 Million. While there have been talks of a fifth Original American Pie movie, the studio is currently focusing its energies on American Pie Presents for the time being.

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The Rating


As it is with every other American Pie movie, American Pie: Girls Rule will also have an R Rating! The movie will have strong language and intense sexual content. It will try to recreate the raunchy magic the franchise is known to cast on the viewers. We still have no idea on the exact date when the movie will be available for watching on Netflix. But a recent press release from the movie’s production department states that the date will be declared “Soon”. Craig Perry. Chris Moore, Adam Herz, and Warren Zide will be Executive Producers for American Pie Girls Rule. They have been associated with a lot of R-Rated movies in the past so for now we know that the movie is in good hands.

The movie’s DVD Release is set for October 6 of this year as declared by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.



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