26 Of The Most Brutal Celebrity Burns By Zach Galifianakis On “Between Two Ferns”

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In these extremely challenging times, we’re all feeling a little helpless and restless. Often to cheer our minds up we need comedy. And who does it better than Zach Galifianakis. Let’s all admit it, Zach Galifianakis is hilarious. And while he’s just generally funny, he’s also known for the countless punchlines in every comedy flick he’s lent his talent to. He’s not often the leading guy, but it’s because all fans need are his side quips and jokes.


In Zach’s parody public-access show “Between Two Ferns” the actor becomes the most awkward interviewer imaginable. He sits in a chair opposite celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Paul Rudd, and even Former President Obama. He poses embarrassing questions and makes them deal with long pauses and memorable mispronunciations. In a nutshell, he puts some of the biggest A-listers in the most uncomfortable situations. Check out this compilation of some of the most ultimate burns Zach made on his show.

1. When Zach annihilated Michael Cera by reminding him of his work with just a single word:


2. When Zach gave Paul Rudd this devastating “would you rather” which left him speechless

3. When Zach’s question was so brutal Benedict Cumberbatch’s jaw dropped:

4. And then he went on to take a dig at his accent…


5. When he got stressed out because he didn’t know how to interview someone so young:

6. When he accidentally (you wish) mixed up the award that Bruce Willis won:

7. One rare time when Conan O’Brien came in at full steam at him


8. But got backfired as Zach had something much brutal to say…

9. When he absolutely torched Jerry Seinfeld who had no reply to this:

10. Hailee Steinfeld started having deep regrets for being on his show after this:


11. When he suggested Jon Hamm to get his name changed to something tastier:

12. When he wouldn’t stop taking digs at Chance the Rapper’s name with his name jokes:

13. When he was almost made Steve Carrell regret playing the role of Gru in Despicable Me:


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14. When he exposed John Legend for who he actually was:

15. When he made a man like James Franco go mum by asking the real questions:


16. When he made Matthew McConaughey wish he’d never come on his show again:

17. When he had Jon Hamm back on the show only to hit him with this:

18. When he reminded Keanu Reeves of one of the biggest flops of his career with a crazy good build-up:


19. When Zach destroyed Jerry Seinfeld with just a caption on his screen:

20. When he delivered a devastating blow to Brad Pitt after which Pitt was seen making faces:

21. When he didn’t stop with the naming jokes when Brie Larson came on: 


22. Neither when Benedict Cumberbatch came over:

23. When he blew up John Legend’s self-esteem with a classic age pun:

24. When Keanu Reeves turned the tables on him when he was taking a dig at his acting skills:


25. When Ben Stiller failed to decipher the question that was posed to him and it turned into a roast:

26. When Zach’s roast didn’t take the right direction and the former President took him down a few notches on his own show:

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Watch Between Two Ferns exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you like the series, make sure to check out the movie on Netflix where Zach Galifianakis hits the road to do celebrity interviews to restore his reputation.


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