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29 Quotable Teen Insults From Movies

The history of movies has seen dialogues that transcend context, but we can consider those as insults for the most part. Well, there are teen characters in the film that destroyed someone with just a few words. Later they became iconic lines that portray different emotions of the characters. Besides, all of us have thought and fought using the quotable teen insults that had lodged themselves into our brains and stuck there. But the moments are indeed hilarious. So, giggle along with our list of 29 quotable teen insults from movies.

1. Right at the moment someone tried to sidle over to Cher in Clueless, she instantly reacted with the iconic phrase, “Ugh! As if!”

Quotable Teen Insults

2. Janis in Mean Girls literally insulted a moron who tried to insult her by all means.

Quotable Teen Insults

3. In The Lizzie McGuire Movie when Isabella insulted Paolo with her burning words.

Quotable Teen Insults

4. When Monique in She’s The Man realized her worth and said an iconic phrase.

5. Janice in Mean Girls again taunted Cady in a specific way. Oh, it was hilarious!

6. In Napoleon Dynamite, a kid literally bossed around Napoleon. But Napolean’s response said it all!

7. The moment when Kat gave an epic reply to Walter Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You. We all love that scene, don’t we?

8. Jenna from 13 Going On 30 made herself pretty clear when she met someone she didn’t vibe with.

9. The very moment when Damian was asked to leave the girl’s restroom in Mean Girls

10. When Bender uttered these words on The Breakfast Club before Burt Simpson could say it.

11. Torrence in Bring it On caught her boyfriend cheating and gave him the taste of his own medicine.

12. When Tai became harsh and said an iconic insult.

13. In the movie A Cinderella Story, when Sam told Austin how she really felt about him.

14. When Shawnee disrespected Monica about what she was wearing in Love and Basketball.

Quotable Teen Insults

15. In She’s The Man Viola broke her relationship with Justin in just 5 seconds and slapped him too.

Quotable Teen Insults

16. The moment when Tess coined an iconic phrase with an unusual movement in the movie Camp Rock

Quotable Teen Insults

17. Whitney always had a sharp reply for every insult in Bring It On

Quotable Teen Insults

18. The moment Olive told Nina about her true feelings towards her in East A

Quotable Teen Insults

19. In John Tucker Must Die, when a player on the opposite side, tried to hand over John this dumb type he responded with an iconic phrase. Ah burning!

Quotable Teen Insults

20. When Bianca and Kat insulted each other with intense words in 10 Things I Hate About You

Quotable Teen Insults

21. In High School Musical, a member of Martha’s group insulted her dance moves and asked if that’s even legal.

Quotable Teen Insults

22. Jenelope in Bring It On showed the Toros that they didn’t even deserve her time.

23. The moment when Olive revealed to Rhiannon how little she cared about her opinion in Easy A. It was distinctive.

Quotable Teen Insults

24. Kat really made a comeback when Joey viciously insulted her in 10 Things I Hate About You

Quotable Teen Insults

25. Chad in High School Musical roasted Sharpay so well that the entire team lost it.

26. The insane moment when Heather summed up John in John Tucker Must Die

27. When Heather Chandler practically asked Veronica this question in Heathers. Iconic. Wasn’t it?

Quotable Teen Insults

28. The moment when Tess exposed Mitchie in ‘Camp Rock’ and nearly dismissed her in just five words.

29. And finally, when Jeanie told this phrase to a boy in the police station in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

So it was all about the teen insults from the movies. Tell us which one is your go-to-pick-up line.

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Written by FandomWire Staff