3 Avengers Who Can Beat a Titan and 3 Who Would Get Crushed by Attack on Titan Powerhouses

Both, the Avengers and the Titan Shifters will endure casualties if their worlds were to clash.

3 avengers who can beat a titan and 3 who would get crushed by attack on titan powerhouses


  • The latest addition to the superhero fandom vs. the anime fandom is that who will win in a fight if the Avengers and Attack on Titan's titans were to clash.
  • There are few Avengers including Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Thor, etc., who can easily defeat the Titan Shifters given their specials abilities and superhuman strengths.
  • While few Avengers will be victorious, there are others like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, etc., who will perish during their fights with Titan powerhouses.
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The Avengers is one of the strongest factions of superheroes in the superhero universe. Each superhero has different abilities which can change the course of a fight within seconds. While few superheroes have more physical prowess, others rely on their grey matter. Just like the superhero universe, the anime universe also has several strong characters.


Attack on Titan is one such anime that has several powerful titans who are tough and have special abilities. The fandom of superheroes and anime often clash with the argument of whose side is more powerful. When the Avengers and Attack on Titan come face to face, there are bound to be some sparks of fire. So, here are three Avengers who can take down Titans with ease and three Avengers who will most likely perish when facing off against a Titan.

3. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange - Avengers
Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a master of the Mystic Arts. He possesses the Time Stone and is known as the Sorcerer Supreme. With a click of a finger, he can change reality. Doctor Strange can see the future and control his variants in other universes. He also has access to several magic spells, especially forbidden ones, which can be fatal to the enemies. Doctor Strange can easily take on a horde of mindless Titans and the nine Titan Shifters without much difficulty.


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2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, is one of the most potent superheroes in the Avengers and the Marvel Universe. She has mutated DNA due to the experiments performed on her. She has the gift of flight, strength, speed, physical durability, endurance, and stamina, and is resistant to poisons and toxins. Captain Marvel can shoot cosmic blasts from his hands. All the nine Titan Shifters can attack her at once, still, it won’t be enough to defeat her.

1. Thor

Chris Hemsworth as The Mjollnir Wielder

Thor is the God of Thunder and the son of Odin. He is one of the founding members of the Avengers and is one of the strongest superheroes ever. Being a God, he can fly and has superhuman endurance, durability, and unmatched strength. Apart from that, he has two weapons – a hammer named Mjolnir and an axe named Stormbreaker. Thor can summon simultaneous thunderstrikes, which can burn any Titan that comes in contact with it. Titans who face Thor on the battlefield will perish without any question.


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Here are three Avengers, who will perish if they face off with Titans

3. Black Widow

Black Widow in MCU
Black Widow

Black Widow is a Russian assassin who is a master at hand-to-hand combat and can use several weapons. Even though Black Widow knows martial arts, it would not be helpful against the Titans. She can keep running or evading for some time, but if the Titan Shifters enter the battlefield, it will be the end of Black Widow. Black Widow is a normal human and does not possess any superpowers, so she would not last even a second.


2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye in MCU

Hawkeye, like Black Widow and Thor, is one of the founding members of the Avengers. But unlike Thor, he does not possess any superhuman abilities. He has the abilities as Black Widow and has a bow and a quiver full of unique arrows. Using those arrows, he can take down a few mindless arrows, but it would not be enough to defeat any Titan Shifters. They can use hardening while dealing with the blasts and attack simultaneously.

1. Captain America

Chris Evans will be missed in Captain America: Brave New World
Captain America

Captain America is a Second World War veteran and is the first recipient of the Super Soldier Serum. Due to the serum, he has inhuman strength, endurance, durability, and speed. He also has a shield made of Vibranium. Considered to be the leader of the Avengers, Captain America is one such Avengers who gets killed while facing one of the Titan Shifters. Attack Titan, Beast Titan, Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, War-Hammer Titan, Female Titan, etc., can easily lay down Captain America. The best he can do is to dodge and stay alive as long as possible.

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