3 Major Changes MCU is Making in TV Shows After Awful Fan Response Over She-Hulk and Secret Invasion

Following the diminishing reception to their TV shows, Marvel is set to adopt the traditional TV approach moving forward

3 Major Changes MCU is Making in TV Shows After Awful Fan Response Over She-Hulk and Secret Invasion


  • Breaking the traditional approach to TV turned out detrimental for MCU shows
  • Marvel set to adopt the traditional television culture moving forward
  • Production of Daredevil: Born Again back to square one as Marvel let go of head writers
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Taking a different approach to TV hasn’t exactly panned out as Marvel initially hoped, and it appears the studio is reverting back to the traditional approach moving forward. While the last few years have witnessed the MCU pumping out a plethora of TV Shows in order to replicate their success from the big screen to the medium of TV, it has mostly been a hit or miss for the studio.


But things took a nosedive with Secret Invasion, which became the lowest-rated MCU series so far, and the situation worsened following the strike, which put the upcoming Daredevil series on ice. But per the bombshell story from THR, Marvel is set to backtrack from implementing their formula into the medium of television, starting with the upcoming Daredevil show.

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Marvel Studios

MCU Moving to the Traditional Approach to TV

The MCU dropped the traditional formula of crafting pilots and hiring showrunners, shooting the whole limited series on the fly, depending on the film executives to run the series. And like their movies, the studio often relied on post to do the heavy lifting, which led to the feeling that the “director doesn’t matter sometimes”, said one Insider. But following the diminishing reception to their recent TV series, including She-Hulk and Secret Invasion, moving forward Marvel will be adopting “the traditional television culture”, said Brad Winderbaum.

MCU's Secret Invasion
MCU’s Secret Invasion

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the new changes involve the inclusion of Showrunners, who will write pilots and the show bible, dropping the practice of shooting the entire series on the fly. Marvel also plans on having full-time TV executives, exclusive for the medium, while also reportedly planning to step away from their limited-series approach, leaning towards multi-season serialized TV. These major changes will be reportedly apparent in the upcoming Daredevil show, which has moved back to square one, as Marvel quietly let go of head writers Chris Ord and Matt Corman.

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Daredevil: Born Again is scheduled to undergo significant creative restructuring!
Daredevil: Born Again

Daredevil Witnesses a Complete Reset as Marvel Was Reportedly Unsatisfied With the Direction

While the upcoming Daredevil show, which will see several returning faces from the Netflix show, was halfway done shooting, the studios quietly let go of the original head writers and director. Per Sources, the story that Ord and Corman crafted reportedly deviated from the approach that made the Netflix series such a huge hit, claiming that Matt Murdock didn’t suit up until episode 4. This reportedly led to MCU rethinking its ways, and while it seems that studios plan on keeping some scenes, for the most part, it’ll be a complete reboot, not in line with Ord and Corman’s vision.

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Netflix's Daredevil
Netflix’s Daredevil

Although time will tell whether MCU will be able to attain the same success on television as their big-screen counterparts, moving to the traditional approach sounds like a step in the right direction.




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