“I don’t feel anything is hard”: Not Even Fighting with 3 Swords a Challenge for Mackenyu in Netflix’s One Piece

As Netflix plans for the second season of One Piece due to its global audience response, fans eagerly await the next adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Not Even Fighting with 3 Swords a Challenge for Mackenyu in Netflix’s One Piece


  • The live-action adaptation of the popular manga series One Piece on Netflix has impressed fans, not only with its sets and costumes but also with its well-adapted characters.
  • The cast, including Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, and Mackenyu, have received praise for their performances.
  • Mackenyu's genuine passion for acting and his background in martial arts make him an ideal fit for the character of Zoro.
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When Netflix introduced the live-action series One Piece, the manga fans were awestruck. They couldn’t question the production much about the story that has been running for ages. And especially the cast, Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, and Mackenyu all have nailed their work. 

Netflix’s One Piece
Netflix’s One Piece

All of the main cast are super confident with their on-screen characters. Especially Mackenyu, who played Roronoa Zoro. Better known as “Pirate Hunter” or “Zoro” this character has to be the best swordsman in the series. Speaking of which, no other actor than Mackenyu would have fit in the shoes of Zoro. His genuine passion for acting and martial arts background did land him in this role perfectly. 

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Mackenyu Being Confident About His Character Pirate Hunter Zoro

Mackenyu in One Piece as Zoro
Mackenyu in One Piece as Zoro

After the success of the fan-favorite and grand series, the cast of One Piece was seen talking about their shoots and all the challenges they faced. In this viral reel of Netflix Singapore, Inaki Godoy is seen asking the actor from Knight of the Zodiac about his experience while shooting the best action scenes in the series, to which he has got a mind-blowing reply. 

The actor from MexZombies asks while looking at the three swords scene from the Netflix series:

“What is the hardest thing of using swords, Mackenyu? Like, the biggest challenge doing scenes like this with swords?” 

Mackenyu finds this question really tough to answer but for a very quirky reason. With not much expression changed on his face the Over Drive actor says:


“Hmm.. That’s a hard question. Cause I don’t feel anything is hard” 

Mackenyu really does seem to have the mind and the blood of Roronoa Zoro flowing through him. By giving a new definition to the character, some might even think he was born to play this role. 

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Mackenyu’s Swordfighting and Martial Career

Mackenyu in Rurouni Kenshin
Mackenyu in Rurouni Kenshin

This is not the first time that Arata has picked up swords for a series, but he has also been a part of the live adaptations of a few more action-packed anime series like Rurouni Kenshin as well as Knight of the Zodiac. Although with a bit of training, the actor executed the three swords scene in his adventures as Zoro perfectly. 


The actor from Pacific Rim Uprising has experience using two swords simultaneously in the past. The mouth and jaw training would’ve been tough for him at first, but as we all saw it in the series, it was smooth!

Moreover, as a cherry on top, Mackenyu holds a legacy of martial arts within himself. He has been a professional martial artist since his childhood and has had great support by his father’s martial legacy too. This should not come as a surprise but Mackenyu is the son of Sonny Chiba, the iconic actor and martial artist who has been an inspiration for most of the Quentin Tarantino movies. 

It is now official that Netflix is working on the second season of One Piece as the series got a great global audience response. We can now only hold to our seats and wait for what’s next to come in the adventures of Straw Hat Pirates. Would it be more chaos? or would it be an introduction to something new, it’s just the time that would tell. 


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