3 Vampire Films Better Than Day Shift (& 3 That Are Worse)

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Day Shift was recently released on Netflix, and it definitely has its flaws. That said, if you go in expecting an easy watch with some good action and witty banter between the surprising chemistry-filled duo of Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco, you’ll enjoy yourselves. It seems like a good time to discuss three vampire films better than Day Shift and three that are worse…


Better – Daybreakers (2009)

Better than Day Shift
Ethan Hawke in Daybreakers

One of the few vampire films that take the opportunity to show what’d happen once they’d over-populated and nearly ran out of their food source (clear lesson to be learned here guys), Daybreakers stars Ethan Hawke as a vampire with a conscience, working towards finding a suitable, long-term alternative to human blood. It takes some liberties with the vampire genre as a whole, but it’s a decent entry in and of itself.

Worse – Twilight (2008)

worse than Day Shift
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight

You knew it was going to be here, didn’t you? In no way other than box office earnings is Twilight one of the vampire films better than Day Shift. Twilight and its sequels try their hardest to defang vampires and its genre as a whole. Terrible film-making based on terrible fan-fiction literature, it’s not a good sign when its stars come out and deride the franchise.


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Better – Let The Right One In (2008)

Better than Day Shift
Let the Right One In, the Swedish original horror movie

Not to be confused with the middling US remake a few years later, the Swedish original is a tale of two young kids, one an ordinary human, the other a vampire pushed to murder to survive. Graphic, moving and a show of how good friends can help their friends through the worst of times, and with the worst of crimes, this is a more dramatic, less fighting vampire movie.

Worse – Priest (2011)

vampire films worse than day shift
Paul Bettany in Priest

Paul Bettany has a habit of either picking fantastic films to be in or absolutely horrible films that he should have avoided. He stars in this as a priest that goes against his sacred vows in a futuristic world, to hunt down the vampires that have kidnapped his niece. The action is okay, but the dialogue and story as a whole are dire.


Better – The Lost Boys (1987)

vampire films better than day shift
The Lost Boys is probably one of the best in the genre

A cult classic and one of the best vampire movies out there, it’s going to take a lot for a film to be better than this Kiefer Sutherland film. The mixture of fantastic performances, directing, pacing of the story and the soundtrack means you’ll want to re-watch this once a year, usually around October. Funny that.

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Worse – Morbius (2021)

vampire films better than Day Shift
Sony’s Morbius starring Jared Leto

A film mired in production issues, forced connections to other franchises and characters, delays, and a horrible story, Morbius has become not only one of the worst films of 2021 but easily of the vampire genre as a whole. This film also gives Jared Leto an unwanted record of such, as he’s been in two of the worst received superhero films on both sides of the DC/Marvel universes.


This list of three vampire films better than Day Shift and three that that worse could have been much longer, as the vampire genre isn’t exactly short on entries, but what others would you have added, be it the better, or worse side?

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