Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 30 Funny Behind-The-Scenes Pictures

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Dear MCU fans, I can understand your pain. Though the show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is over, it says with us. So, to stir up your mood, here are 30 funny behind-the-scenes pictures of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


1. Girls be like – I don’t know which one of these both to crush on?

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

2. Bucky is holding the robot arm like a baby. LOL.


3. This is the best TBINF. Indeed.

4. I am not able to decide whom to look at.

5. These guys look like kids whose’ mom dresses them for school when it’s 70 degrees outside.

6. So much talent in one picture.

7. His hair looks so cool, right?

8. BTS looks more fun than the actual scene.

9. I’m so excited for her MCU era. We want to see more of her and soon.

10. I wish I could do this at my work so that no one could notice me. LMAO.

11. Why is this picture so perfect?

12. The editing is on point.

13. This picture will make everyone’s Monday happy. 🙂


14. Why you guys have to be so cute?

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

15. One world, One people- The Flagsmashers

16. That’s my Captain.

17. Can we have a slice of that chocolate cake?

18. One man, one vote.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

19. A perfect picture.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

20. Shall we also fly with you?

21. I still can’t believe this show is over. The combination is deadly.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

22. Sharon has one of the coolest fight scenes in MCU.

23. Her intro will be remembered for ages.

24. It’s what you guys deserve.


25. Best of friends, best of friends. Please never be apart.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

26. My favorite people in one frame.

27. Always and forever. Keep smiling.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

28. MCU fans love whatever they do.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

29. Yes, King, Let’s go, Cap.

30. This picture made everyone’s heart weak.


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