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30 Photos Of Squid Game Cast Having The Time Of Their Lives Behind The Lens

Take a look at some behind the lens shots of Squid Game’s cast chillin’ around on the show’s set:

Warning: Spoilers ahead, only read if you have watched the Squid Game


1. Here’s Jung Ho-yeon goofing around before filming the moment where her character Sae-byeok and Deok-su fight in Episode 1.

2. Here’s an aerial shot of the playground where all players gathered to play the Red Light, Green Light game.

3. This is what the players were actually seeing while playing the Red Light, Green Light game.

4. This is how they were chased with the camera while they were trying to make their escape.

5. Here’s Lee Jung-jae trying to lay still while filming the scene when his character decides to get up and run.

6. Heo Sung-tae and Jung Ho-yeon filming the moment where Sae-byeok stops Deok-su during Red Light, Green Light.

7. As they crossed the finish line, most players took a rest under a tent.

8. Park Hae-soo working his mind during the Dalgona challenge.

9. Here’s Lee Jung-jae filming the shot where Gi-hun shows us his tongue game by licking the dalgona.

10. Here’s how happy all players were before heading into the tug-of-war game room 

11. Here’s what Lee Yoo-mi saw before Sae-byeok picked her to be her partner in the pebbles game.

12. This is how the tug-of-war set looked like from the camera. The VFX made it look super high off the ground but it was in fact just on a small platform.

13. Here’s how the eliminated game members looked from below while hanging off the tug-of-war rope

14. Lee Jung-Jae and the cast giving their all while filming the tug-of-war moments.

15. Ji-yeon and Sae-byeok walking back to safety after winning the tug-of-war game.

16. Here’s how the alley was built for episode 6 where the marble game took place

17. Here’s Anupam Tripathi behind the lens looking all heartbroken while shooting the scene where his character realizes that his bag is filled with rocks, not marbles.

18. Here’s the ariel shot of the scene where Sang-woo delivers his stolen bag of winning marbles and gets to move on to the next round.

19. Lee Yoo-mi and Jung Ho-yeon were upset before they filmed the shot where Lee Yo-mi’s character died.

20. Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-Yeon, and Lee Jung-Jae were all smiles before filming the ‘VIPs’ episode.

21. This is how filming the episode where players fell through the glass floor looked like.

22. This is how high the bridge of glass actually was.

23. A BTS shot of the moment before Sang-woo pushed another player to death.

24. Jung Ho-yeon behind the lens taking time out from filming the final scenes of Episode 7.

25. This is how it actually appeared when all of the glass exploded on the face of the final 3 players.

26. Jung Ho-yeon shooting the last few scenes of Sae-byeok in Episode 8.

27. Park Hae-soo and Lee Jung-jae walking into the final game like arena like a badass.

28. Lee Jung-jae hopping while playing Squid Game.

29. Park Hae-soo ripping off his character’s jacket to fight with Gi-hun.

30. Lee Jung-jae filming the moment where his character realizes Sang-woo is injured and he makes an attempt to stop the game.

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