“This game is definitely gonna flop so the PS port is already well underway”: After Disappointing 30fps News Emerges, Fans Are Adamant 1 Xbox Exclusive Is Heading to PlayStation Before It’s Even Released

A streamer makes an audacious claim regarding Hellblade 2.

"This game is definitely gonna flop so the PS port is already well underway": After Disappointing 30fps News Emerges, Fans are Adamant 1 Xbox Exclusive is Heading to PlayStation Before its Even Released


  • A streamer announces on X that they will stream Hellblade 2 on PS5 Pro at 60 fps.
  • This announcement comes after confirmation from developers about the game being an Xbox exclusive and being limited to 30 fps.
  • With the release date of the game drawing near, the lack of hype is slowly dissipating, with more fans talking and looking for updates.
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Hellblade 2 is scheduled to release on May 21, 2024. While Xbox Game Studios is the publisher, the game is already under intense scrutiny because of its supposed simultaneous port to the PlayStation. There has been no official news or update yet regarding the game coming to PlayStation.


However, that hasn’t deterred a number of fans from boldly claiming that the Xbox exclusive is already on its way to rival consoles. Several leakers and streamers have started making bold claims about streaming the game on their PlayStation consoles.

Amidst all these, the revelation that Hellblade 2 will be locked to 30 fps has fueled further fan unrest, especially when most games have provisions for running at 60 fps smoothly.


Streamer Promises to Play the Xbox Exclusive on PS

Hellblade 2 is supposed to be an Xbox exclusive.
Hellblade 2 is supposed to be an Xbox exclusive.

The Xbox exclusive, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, has no official news of being ported to other platforms. However, some streamers adamantly believe that the PS port of the game is already underway and will be released shortly after, if not with, the Xbox release.

This streamer makes two bold claims. Firstly, they promised to play the game on their PS5 Pro, even though a PS release for the game has not yet been announced. Secondly, they claim to do so at 60 fps, even after Ninja Theory decided to lock the game at 30 fps for a more cinematic experience.


As expected, the comment section of the post erupted as fans tried to decide what to make of these bold claims. One comment said, “This is gonna age well,” with a bunch of laughing emojis. Another user asked, “When? Date please so I can tune in?” while another said, “I’m bookmarking this tweet.

The lack of hype regarding Hellblade 2 had previously been criticized. Fans have now found another reason to criticize the game: its exclusivity. The original Hellblade title had been released across platforms and had even gotten a VR release a year after its initial launch.


However, when enquired about the probability of the game getting a VR release, Head of Ninja Theory, Dom Matthews, responded with an unambiguous “no.

Is Hellblade 2 Going to Have a Cross-Platform Release?

Lack of official news is fueling rumors regarding Hellblade 2.
Lack of official news is fueling rumors.

There have been absolutely zero reports of the game coming to the PS, apart from unofficial leaks and rumors. While some fans are quite clearly putting a lot of faith in those, it would be wise to believe the words of the developers themselves.

The tragic tale of Senua, the brave Pictish warrior, garnered many fans with the first installment of the franchise. So many big things were expected of the sequel. However, with Microsoft acquiring Ninja Theory, the title became an Xbox exclusive. This might have contributed to the lack of hype surrounding the game.


As the release date draws closer, more and more fans are getting interested. For everybody’s sake, we hope that we get to glimpse the new gameplay mechanics soon.

What do you think of the claims made by the streamer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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