4 Palworld Mods to Make Your Time Even Better

With these mods, you will definitely be a pal master.


  • Four of the most useful mods to add some new features to the game.
  • With some bonus mentions for the players.
  • How to install them.
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Palworld continues to be a success, with more than 8,000,000 million copies sold and a bright and robust roadmap ahead. Pocket Pair, the team behind the game, will continue to work to make the experience of Palworld even better.


They just updated the game, fixing some bugs and cheating problems in the game. For now, players can test some very fun mods to keep pushing the boundaries of this title.

Some of the more interesting mods for Palworld

Palworld Mods

Palworld’s popularity has made the community come up with all sorts of things in the game; mods are not the exception. Some users expand the Palworld experience in such a way that all limits set by the Pocket Pair are no longer an issue. In this list, we will be commenting on some of the best mods for the hottest game of the year so far.


4. Durability and weight increase

These two mods let you resolve some basic but annoying limits of weight and durability. The weight increase mod lets you carry, instead of just 300 initial weights, up to 1000, to pick up everything you want. As for the durability mod, let us increase the durability of all weapons and items so they can be used much more without getting ruined.

You can download the Durability mod here.

You can download the weight increase mod here.


3. Map Unlocked

Palworld has some areas in the map that, like all open-world games at the beginning, can’t be seen; in this case, they are covered with fog. But with this mod, you can unlock the entire map and eliminate the fog at once. Keep in mind that all the fast-travel statues will still be blocked until you reach them.

You can download the mod here.

Bonus mention for the Pokémon fans

With the obvious similarities, it was just a matter of time until the modder community did a Pokémon mod for this very similar game. One user was apparently very close to finishing one; we saw a little preview on X, but Nintendo stroked quickly and shut the video down.


The mod shows that you can use Ash, Misty, Brock, and all the similar Pokémon that Pals look alike. For the moment, we don’t know when it will be available, but the user said that it will be free.

2. All Pals are shiny

As a very similar game to Pokémon, Palworld doesn’t have the official shiny mechanic of the Nintendo franchise, but they have, as Pocket Pair called them, Lucky Pals. These Pals are literally sparking with sound effects and all. They have a passive skill that gives them more attack and work speed. With this mod, you can make all your Pals shiny or Lucky.

You can download the mod here.


1. No timer for reviving a Pal

All the Pals that fell in battle had a timer of 10 minutes until they revived. With these mod, you can eliminate this timer and revive your Pals without waiting. You have to put it in a Pal box to be revived.

You can download the mod here.

Bonus mention: Add Stormtroopers to your world 

With this mod, you can add stormtroopers as enemies. So if you like Star Wars, this is the perfect way to feel like a rebel and defeat some Empire soldiers for entertainment.


You can download the mod here.

How to install the mods

  • Download Vortex from Nexus Mods.
  • Install the program on your PC.
  • Open it and let it scan your PC.
  • Once the program has identified Palworld, you can execute Nexus Mod Manager.
  • You have to put files in the right place to execute the mods; Vortex will do that automatically.
  • Every mod has its own instructions on how to install it.

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