4 Tekken 8 Fighters We’d Love in DLC (and 4 We Don’t)

With upcoming Tekken 8 DLCs confirmed, fans speculate about the characters that will make a comeback.

4 Tekken 8 Fighters We’d Love in DLC (and 4 We Don’t)


  • Tekken 8 developers confirm upcoming DLCs but do not clarify the characters to be released.
  • We list 4 characters that the players would love to have in Tekken 8.
  • We also list 4 characters that were rightly dropped from Tekken 8 roster.
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Tekken 8 was released on January 26th and is already a sensation among fans. The game boasts a packed roster of 32 playable characters. However, the developers have confirmed that more characters are going to be available in the future as paid DLC or as part of Season Pass.


The Tekken community is adrift with rumors regarding which characters are going to be featured in the DLC and who will miss out. Although there have been no more updates from Bandai Namco regarding the additional characters, it doesn’t stop us from speculating.

So, we have comprised this well-curated list of 4 fighters we would definitely love to see in Tekken 8 along with 4 characters whom we would rather not have as part of the DLCs.


Lei Wulong – Love

Lei Wulong

The unpredictable and acrobatic Lei Wulong is one of the original characters of the Tekken franchise. With his Drunken Fist + Bruce Lee-inspired jeet kune do fighting style, he is an acrobatic and unpredictable fighter. This made him a fan-favorite but he has not yet been confirmed to be featured in Tekken 8.

Leroy Smith – Nope

Leroy Smith

Released in the later seasons of Tekken 7, Leroy Smith’s complex stances and powerful attacks made him a mainstay in competitive play. The Wing Chun master became a sworn enemy of Heihachi Mishima after learning from one of the New York gang leaders about Heihachi’s hand in the riot that killed his parents.

Leroy Smith is a powerful character, maybe a bit too powerful, with his overpowered attacks and stances that made fans hate him all the more whenever they came up against him in competitive play. So, it is no wonder that his exclusion from the Tekken 8 roster didn’t ruffle too many feathers and fans are hoping that he stays excluded from the roster.


Anna Williams – Love

Anna Williams

Introduced in the first Tekken game, Anna Williams is the sister of Nina Williams. The two sisters have a famed rivalry in the game and have featured in every game. However, Tekken 8 saw Anna being dropped from the roster, much to the amazement of the fans.

This Irish assassin with her trademark satin dress has been a fan favorite for her mixture of cold assassination techniques and martial arts like Savate, Aikido, and Karate. We hope that Bandai Namco brings Anna back in the later DLCs and lets fans enjoy Tekken 8 with her deadly elegance and sleek combos.

Fahkhumram – Nope


The colossal ancient jinn released in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, is a grappling monster. The Tekken franchise has long run short on powerful grapplers but Fahkhuram just clashed with the entire aesthetic of the game. But the grounded feel that Tekken 8 offers the players does not have too much space for the design clash and supernatural elements that Fahkhuram brings along. While supernatural elements are desired by the players, none of them would want Fahkhuram to be back with his towering presence.


Zafina – Love


While Fahkhuram’s spiritual abilities get shadowed by his towering presence, Zafina offers a proper supernatural fighting experience. Born to a group of spiritual warriors in the Middle East, Zafina is an astrologist whose village was tasked with safeguarding the tomb of Azazel. Her capoeira-influenced fighting style with mystical dance-like movements, make her a unique presence in the Tekken roster.

Lucky Chloe – Nope

Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe, the singer idol with pink aesthetics and unconventional wrestling styles, had divided fan opinions. Some fans felt that she clashed too much with the aesthetics of the game and did not fit the tone of the Tekken franchise.

Armor King – Love

Armor King

Armor King is the name of two fighters from the Tekken franchise. To differentiate, they are often assigned the numbers I and II. Armor King I, a rival turned friend of King, was the one who trained King II to take up King’s mantle after his untimely demise at the hands of Ogre, the war god. After Armor King died in barfight with Marduk, Armor King II takes up his mantle and carries on his quest for vengeance.


Claudio Serafino – Nope

Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino, the de facto leader of the Archers of Sirius, was introduced in Tekken 7. The charismatic Italian exorcist was a visually striking character with his unique battle stances and holy magic.

However, his connection to the Tekken lore is flimsy at best as his relation to the universe comes through Akuma, who is not in Tekken 8 either. So, this lack of lore connection makes him a misfit in the franchise.

With Tekken 8 DLCs announced to be released over the course of the year, fans are already eagerly anticipating the characters that are to be released. Which character would you want to be released? Which characters would you rather not be back? Do let us know in the comments.


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