5 Batman Characters Who Deserve Prequel Series (And 5 Who Don’t)


With Pennyworth’s release drawing near, it would be interesting to see which other characters could have a shot at a solo prequel title. The list contains villains that are more than deserving of a prequel series and also includes cliché and uninteresting characters that should never be brought to the drawing board.

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Deserves – Hush

Batman hush


The primary antagonist of the acclaimed Batman comic book arc Batman: Hush, Hush is a fairly recent addition to the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery. Thomas Elliot was Bruce Wayne’s best friend as a kid. He started hating Bruce for having it all. After Thomas Wayne thwarted his plans to kill his parents, Elliot hated Bruce even more. A Hush prequel will explore the life and times of Elliot, Bruce Wayne’s childhood best friend and greatest enemy. It would be difficult to explore all the details of a Hush series, but it is certainly worth a shot.

Doesn’t Deserve – Cat Woman

Batman catwoman


We hate to admit this but Selina Kyle will make for a good lead character in a prequel series. It would be easy to make a Cat Woman solo series. In fact, it would be way too easy. And that is where the problem lies. We do not want Warner Brothers to green light a series because it is easy ot produce. We want the series to be challenging and worth out time. So although interesting, we will give the idea of a Cat Woman solo show a pass.

Deserves – Victor Zsasz

Batman zsasz


Victor Zsasz lived a life of privilege and luxury. Born to a wealthy family, Victor was a gifted businessman. He had parents who loved him. At a very young age, he graduated top of his class and started a business venture of his own. By 25, he had become a multi-millionaire. Everything changed after his parents died and Zsasz lost all his wealth in high stakes gambling. When he was about to commit suicide, a homeless person tried to rob him and Zsasz killed him in self-defense. Victor Zsasz now believes that all humans are basically zombies shackled to a worthless existence like him. It is his job to ‘save’ them by killing them and thus liberating them. A TV Show on how Victor Zsasz descended to madness would make for good content.

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Doesn’t Deserve – Deathstroke

Batman deathstroke

We have already seen Deathstroke in action a lot of times in the movies and shows. Deathstroke is a well-known mercenary to both casual movie goers as well as hard core comic book fans. But we have already seen and heard Slade Wilson and his story. There is nothing new to tell. Sure a TV Show on his exploits could be made but it will be very bland since most of Slade’s past has already been covered in The CW’s Arrow Verse and the DC Animated Universe. A Deathstroke TV Series would not make past even season 1 and would ultimately be a bad idea.


Deserves – Carmine Falcone

Batman carmine

Carmine Falcone hails from a long line of Underworld Dons who ruled the Gotham Underworld. As a Crime Lord, Carmine controls and coordinates Organized Crime in Gotham City. He is ruthless and suave in his ways. His father, Vincent Falcone, was also a legendary figure and Mafia Don. A TV Show depicting the early days of Carmine Falcone just like Gotham did with Bruce Wayne would be a good idea. Carmine Falcone also happens to be the Crime Lord of Gotham when Bruce Wayne first donned the cape and the cowl to become the Caped Crusader. The show could even swerve to and explore that area.


Doesn’t Deserve – Poison Ivy

Batman ivy

All of us have had a thing for Poison Ivy. She is a sultry seductress who just so happens to be a psychotic serial killer and eco-terrorist. The thing about Poison Ivy is that she is way too main-stream! She is one of the first five super villains that come to your mind when you think of Batman. In addition to that her origin story has already been covered to some extent in Gotham. Another show depicting her adventures would be pointless as well as redundant. We need fresher material. Poison Ivy is most certainly not.


Deserves – Bane

Batman bane

For years now, Batman fans have screamed at the top of their lungs to make a Bane movie. No one at Warner Brothers has even dared to listen to the fans. Bane is a wonderful character who is highly underrated as a villain in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. It was in Knightfall that Bane became a household phenomenon. Bane is the first superhero to break Batman physically as well as mentally. There is much left to explore in Bane’s origin story. He was once the prisoner of the infamous Pena Dura Prison at Santa Monica. That is one way to go about it if a TV Series is ever made on him.


Doesn’t Deserve – The Joker

Batman joker

Please Warner Brothers if you are thinking of making a Joker prequel series or are in talks with a network to give away the distribution rights for the same, we implore you to think again. Joker’s story has been dragged so much all over the world that we have lost count. It is time to let go of the Clown Prince of Crime. Granted he is a very compelling character and would make for a very good muse but there are so many super villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. It would be counter-productive to just keep giving the spotlight to the Joker.


Deserves – James Gordon Junior

Batman gordon junior

Many fans do not even know this but Commissioner James Gordon, decorated citizen and ally of Batman has a son he is ashamed of. James Gordon Junior is Jim Gordon’s greatest source of embarrassment. Gordon’s son is a serial killer. And he is not just some ordinary psychopath either. James Gordon Junior is a brilliant murderer. He is exceptionally good at playing mind games. There were times in the comic books James Gordon Junior even got under the Batman’s skin with his games. A prequel series exploring the life and descent of James Gordon Junior is what the world needs at the moment. There is so much to tell of this little dude’s story. The world deserves to know there is a villain just as (or maybe even more) menacing as the Joker.


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Doesn’t Deserve – The Riddler

Batman riddler


The Riddler has been part of the Gotham series ever since its first season. While it is a good character to explore, like Deathstroke the Riddler does not have any other stories to say than what we already know. Gotham did a good job with the Riddler. It is time we fixate less on the obvious Batman villains and move into a little uncertain territories to experiment. The Riddler would not rake in bigger ratings as a show.


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