5 Best Movie Frenemies

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There is something about the dynamics of movie frenemies that make the story more engaging and interesting to watch. Unlike true best friends, frenemies have tension and unpredictability. No one knows who is going to shift their minds, or who is going to cut the tie.


Movie frenemies is a popular trope that many of our favorite films use. It is very convincing yet, at the same time, a bit tricky. But, that is what makes their relationship on screen more fun! Here is a list of the most popular movie frenemies that we love:

Sharpay Evans & Gabriella Montez

Sharpay Evans and Gabriella Montez movie frenemies

There is nothing like a healthy school competition between two of the most talented and beautiful ladies from the High School Musical. Sharpay Evans is known as the Queen Bee and a major theatre arts fan. Gabriella Montez, on the other hand, is the Academic Queen and is equally talented when it comes to performing.


Sharpay tries to sabotage Gabriella in the first part of the movie but always ended up realizing that doing so won’t win her anything. They are cordial to one another, and they probably make the best of friends.

Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes movie frenemies

Sam and Bucky come from different worlds, and they share only one common denominator: Steve Rogers. They did not get along well in the first movies they starred in, and they were pretty much arguing all the time.


But, it took several Marvel films and a TV show to make them the best of pals. In fact, they are considered one of the best friendships in the MCU. They judged one another based on their pasts, but once they got to know one another, all those notions vanished into thin air.

Erik Lehnsherr & Charles Xavier

Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier

Both Erik and Charles wanted a world where mutants are accepted. Their abilities to control things led them to become one of the best friendships in the world of X-Men. But, they also disagree on many things, such as Erik’s view that humans and mutants cannot coexist.


This divided them and led to one of the greatest battles in the Marvel universe. But one thing for sure is that, deep down inside, they truly care for each other. That time they spent building a safe haven for mutants should be enough reason for reconciliation.

Jack Sparrow & Will Turner

Jack Sparrow and Will Turner movie frenemies

Jack and Will have an on-and-off friendship and usually team up when it benefits both of them. They do not actually care for each other, and most of the time, they try to outsmart one another.


Despite so, the adventures they shared will always remind the audience of the unbreakable bond between pirates.

Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle movie frenemies

These two are the complete opposite, so what makes them work together? Common enemies and probably some favors that are advantageous for both of them. They don’t share a common goal, but there is definitely an unexplained attraction between them.


He’s an agent of justice, and she is a thief, so if the romance is doomed to fail, at least they can team up to catch other perpetrators.


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