5 DCEU Heroes Who Can Beat Wonder Woman (& 4 Who Don’t Stand A Chance)

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Wonder Woman is one of the strongest of all DCEU superheroes. But who else is as strong as her Let’s find out.


Can Beat Her: Superman

The Man of Steel is strong enough to hold his own against the entire Justice League. Diana is strong and she could hold the fort for a short while. But if Kal-El loses his cool, not even Zeus can help save the Princess of Themyscira.


She Would Beat: Batman

The ‘Prep Time’ fan boys can avoid this entry. There is no way Batman beats Wonder Woman in a one on one fight. This is a woman who has been taught battle strategy and tactics and the art of combat ever since she was a child. Maybe with enough preparation he could delay her the victory but a seasoned veteran like Diana is not going to fall like Superman did.

Can Beat Her: Cyborg


With the technology of the Fourth World powering his body, Cyborg is a walking weapon of mass destruction. he could conjure all kinds of weapons and gadgets to aid him in battle. Once he realizes his true potential, Cyborg could easily trump not just Wonder Woman but even Superman if he wanted to.

She Would Beat: Bloodsport

He may be able to conjure all kinds of weapons out of his uniform. But Bloodsport is still a human. And no mercenary, no matter how experienced, could take down Wonder Woman.


Can Beat Her: The Flash

The Flash of the DCEU is the fastest being of his universe. in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, he was fast enough to turn back the wheels of time. Technically the Snydercut is still DCEU even though Warner Brothers has renounced its legitimacy. The Snydercut Flash is a hundred times more powerful than any version of Wonder Woman DCEU has to offer.

She Would Beat: King Shark


Despite his fan-favorite status, the Nom-Nom dude will find it hard to defeat Wonder Woman. His indestructible-skin & super-strength does give him a slight edge. That’s nothing Wonder Woman can’t get around though.

Can Beat Her: Shazam

Shazam comes loaded with not just one but the abilities and attributes of six different Gods. Diana is the descendant of just one God. Besides the Wonder Woman of DCEU cannot fly. Shazam can do that and way more. Bulletproof skin, immense strength and endurance, and the ability to summon a powerful ligthning bolt gives him a clear win.


She Would Beat: Harley Quinn

Harley can take down a building full of armed guards on her own. But she’s still a mortal. Diana has taken down the God of War Ares on her own. Harley struggled to defeat Enchantress even with an entire team to back her up.

Can Beat Her: Aquaman


If the battlegrounds happen to be somewhere near the ocean, the battle easily tilts towards Arthur Curry’s favor. Diana is a creature of the land, despite her Demi-Goddess status. Arthur‘s Atlantean physiology gives him an added advantage on a planet three-fourths of which is covered in his natural element.


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