5 Disney Villains Who Are Just Purely Evil

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There are a lot of Disney villains that everyone loves to hate but can’t because they are so relatable. They have bitter pasts where they have been wronged, cheated, and betrayed, and it gives the audience an excuse to sympathize with the wicked they have become.


But, there are also Disney villains who are just purely evil. They do bad things for their own good, and they don’t have any valid reasons at all. They are hungry for power and want to claim the throne to satisfy themselves, and they don’t care if they trample upon others. Here’s a list of Disney villains who are evil just because it’s in their nature:

Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Yzma Disney Villains


Yzma is a sorceress and the adviser to Emperor Kuzco. After she was fired from her job, she planned on killing the emperor to usurp his throne and become the ruler. She then concocted a poison that would kill him, but mistakes were made, and he was turned into a llama instead.

She may have felt upset about losing her job, but that’s not enough reason to overthrow, much less kill, an emperor. Yzma has long been wanting control over the kingdom, and that goes to show that she found an opportunity to execute her evil plan.

Queen Narissa (Enchanted)

Queen Narissa Disney Villains


Queen Narissa is Prince Edward’s evil stepmother who possesses the power of sorcery. As a megalomaniac, she hates Giselle so much because the young girl is a threat to her position. It simply means that when Prince Edward and Giselle get married, Queen Narissa will lose her power and status.

She then banished Giselle to the human world, and there, the young girl tries to navigate the strange place of New York all by herself. Although this banishment led Giselle to find her true love, it is still a wicked act on Queen Narissa’s part.

Mother Gothel (Tangled)

Mother Gothel Disney Villains


Mother Gothel kidnapped the infant Rapunzel and locked her away in a tower. She lied to her about people wanting to steal her magic golden hair so she won’t attempt to escape. The sinister mother did all of these to secure her immortality, and of course, her fountain of youth.

Taking away eighteen years of Rapunzel’s life is a very vicious thing. All of her precious days and months were wasted because of Mother Gothel’s selfish ambitions.

Queen Grimhilde (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

Queen Grimhilde Disney Villains


Another beauty-obsessed queen resorts to evilness because she wants to keep her youthful glow. The Evil Queen wishes to be the “fairest of them all”. She believes that Snow White is a threat to this fantasy. Thus, she planned to poison the young girl.

This desperation to stay young and fair seems to be a common theme in Disney fairytales.

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)

Cruella de Vil Disney Villains


If the previous Disney villains wanted to abduct babies and murder people, Cruella De Vil wants to kill dogs. She has an obsession with creating her own fashion outfits out of animal skins. This is indeed a blatant display of animal cruelty.


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