Disney: 3 Reasons Why Modern Princesses Are Superior (& 3 Why Old Ones Are Better)

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All Disney princesses are beautiful, exceptional, and iconic in their own unique ways. Their individuality and distinct traits set them apart from the rest. Whether fans love the classic characters like Ariel and Snow White, or modern women like Queen Elsa and Raya, each of them has her own edges.


Because our favorite Disney films are now being enjoyed by both older and younger generations, comparison cannot be avoided. Each movie delivers a singular message, thus shaping its protagonist according to the movie’s values. Here are a few comparisons for both old and modern Disney princesses:


Modern: They Act Like Their Age

Anna Frozen Disney

There has been an evolution when it comes to how Disney princesses are portrayed. Modern characters finally get to present themselves as quirky, adventurous, and even mischievous – all normal traits of a teenager! Take, for example, Anna from Frozen. She’s not afraid to act silly around everyone. The old constricted view of how princesses should project and conduct themselves is long gone.


Old: Stories Are Familiar To Everyone

Snow White disney

Viewers feel a sense of comfort and familiarity when they watch an old favorite movie. It seems that no matter how many times we have seen Snow White get poisoned, we know she is going to come back to life. There is also the sense of relief knowing at the end of the movie, the princess will get her happy ending.


Modern: Having A Prince Is Not Required

Mulan Disney

Back in the old times, Disney princesses are considered damsels in distress. They find themselves in trouble, and the only way to get out of it is when a prince comes to their rescue. That is not the case anymore. There is Mulan who joined the army to defeat the Huns, then there is Merida who chose her own destiny instead of marrying for the sake of the throne.


Old: They Fought For Their Freedom Despite Everything

Cinderella disney

Considering the period and society surrounding old Disney princesses, it would have been difficult for them to suddenly shatter the glass ceiling or revolt against their antagonists. But despite being powerless, they persisted and kept their faith. Cinderella was abused by her stepmother and stepsisters, but she managed to escape their wrath without hurting anyone.


Modern: Their Personalities Are Multi-Dimensional

Rapunzel Tangled

It is so refreshing to see a Disney princess with so many interests and skills. Rapunzel from Tangled mentioned all of her hobbies in the song, “When Will My Life Begin”. From intellectual games to practical skills, she knows how to perform them all. Then, there’s Tiana who excels in her work ethic and pursues her passion despite doubts from people.


Old: Taking Risks Gave Life Lessons

Ariel The Little Mermaid

Indeed, all of these girls had to risk everything to gain something. Perhaps, one of the most daunting sacrifices ever made was Ariel’s decision to trade her mermaid tail for human legs. Her love must have been so strong that she willingly decided to give up something truly important to her. In the end, she gets to marry the love of her life.


Written by Ariane Cruz

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