Disney Princesses: 3 Pairs Who Would Be Friends (& 2 Who Wouldn’t)

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All Disney princesses have their own distinct characteristics as well as strengths and weaknesses. These qualities of their own have captivated viewers all throughout generations. While there is a diverse roster of our beloved princesses, each of them stands for the same message: love, compassion, loyalty, and courage.


Not all Disney princesses share the same traits, though; some are a bit passive while others are more daring. Despite so, it won’t stop them from finding a friend in one another. Certainly, there has to be someone they can share their own stories with. Here’s a list of Disney princesses that we think would get along (and a few who wouldn’t):

Friends: Belle And Tiana

Belle and Tiana disney princesses


Both are simply passionate about their hobbies: Belle loves reading, and Tiana likes cooking. They are both smart, and they love to spend time indoors. These girls know that happiness can also be found in spending time alone.

Another thing that Belle and Tiana share is their struggle to prove that their dreams are valid. Belle likes intelligent discussions, but Gaston isn’t fond of women who speak out. Tiana wants to open her own restaurant, but the people don’t believe in her. Somehow, these shared obstacles can bring them closer to one another.

Not Friends: Snow White And Jasmine

Snow White and Jasmine


These two Disney princesses aren’t much likely to hang out with each other given their background and upbringing. Snow White grew up in an era where women are defined in a stereotypical way.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is a modern princess, which means she’s outspoken, independent, and tenacious. There is no chance that these two girls would simply agree to spend a day with each other.

Friends: Merida And Mulan

Merida and Mulan disney princesses


Both Merida and Mulan shattered the glass ceiling and broke gender stereotypes in their own movies. They have the same willpower and strength; above all, they do not seek any man to save them from their problems.

Their boldness and equal interest in fighting will make a great bonding time for the pair. Indeed, these two princesses will make an interesting duo if they ever get into a battle.

Not Friends: Aurora And Raya

Aurora and Raya disney princesses


Clearly, Aurora and Raya are way too different and unlikely to become the best of pals. Aurora stays in her castle most of the time, and she literally waited a long time for a prince to save her from eternal slumber.

Raya, on the other hand, spent her life surviving on her own, going on a quest to find a dragon, and simply saving an entire country. Not to sound mean, but Aurora, honestly, could never get on that level.

Friends: Cinderella And Rapunzel

Cinderella and Rapunzel disney princesses


It seems like having the same mundane routine can help one find a bestie. Both Cinderella and Rapunzel are confined in their own homes, doing household chores and other indoor hobbies. They might find something to like about each other.

Both princesses also share the same struggle in life: to get out of their miserable situation, only to find out towards the end that they are about to live a royal life.


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