5 Gods That Could Appear in Thor: Love and Thunder

5 Gods That Could Appear in Thor: Love and Thunder
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As the threat of Christian Bale’s Gorr the God-Butcher looms in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder this July, it’s likely the film will introduce several of Earth’s pantheons of Gods for the villain to face and possibly kill. The introduction of these Gods could introduce a version of the Council of Godheads to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a committee formed of the leaders of these pantheons to face threats that cannot be stopped by a single deity. Here we will discuss the Gods we very well could see form this council in the film threatened by Gorr and what ramifications their death could have on the greater MCU.


5. Zeus Panhellenios, Olympian God of the Heavens

Zeus Thunderbolt - Thor 4
Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder

Zeus was confirmed to be in Thor: Love and Thunder all the way back in April 2021, when Russell Crowe confirmed that was his role in the film on a radio show in Australia during production. We got our first glimpse of his character in the first teaser trailer for the film, where we see Zeus addressing his people in what we can safely assume is the MCU version of Olympus, and catching a lightning bolt.

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Zeus’ existence in the MCU was an inevitability as we see a statue of his son, Ares, the Olympian God of War, on the Grandmaster’s ‘Contest of Champions’ arena on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. However, Zeus’ introduction is likely a tool to lay the groundwork for his other son, Hercules, the Olympian God of Strength a much more prominent character in Marvel comics who is always speculated to be making an MCU debut eventually. Zeus’ death at the hands of Gorr could bring Hercules and Ares to the forefront of the MCU as they compete for the title of supreme monarch of Gods in Olympus.

4. Bast, Panther Goddess of Wakanda

Panther Goddess Bast Thor: Love and Thunder
Bast depicted in Black Panther

Based on the Egyptian Cat-Goddess Bastet, it seems she is also supposedly confirmed to be appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder. The Cosmic Circus reported in February that actress Akosia Sabet had been cast as the Goddess in the film. A few days ago a new official still was released showing Valkyrie and Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor in a sort of council room (likely the Council of Godheads), beside Akosia Sabet who was wearing Egyptian-style makeup and a headpiece with cat-like ears.

We were reminded of Bast recently in Moon Knight as Egyptian Goddess, Taweret, referred to her ancestral plane, which showed up in Black Panther. In the form of a giant panther, Bast gifted the first man to discover Wakanda the heart-shaped herb, which is what gives anyone who takes the mantle of Black Panther heightened strength, speed, and instincts. Bast is not expected to have a large role, however, her fate in the film could have large ramifications in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and perhaps it could address the absence of our beloved King T’Challa. We will find out when the film is released this November.


3. Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld

Osiris in Moon Knight

Leader of the Ennead Council, Osiris was present in episodes 3 and 6 of Moon Knight, in the form of possessing his avatar, Selim. Although we never saw him in his true form, his powers were shown in white light from Selim’s hands as he restrained the Egyptian God of Moon, Khonshu. Although he is not confirmed to be appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder, should there be a Council of Godheads in the film, there is a good chance that Osiris would show up in some capacity.

As one of the few non-Viking pantheons established in the MCU prior to the film and having a decent role in Moon Knight, surely the leader of the Enneads would be at least considered to show up. In fact, Moon Knight’s head writer, Jeremy Slater confirmed Gorr was referenced in an earlier draft of the series’ script before it was ultimately scrapped for whatever reason. Should Osiris appear, and even get butchered by Gorr, this could affect Khonshu’s claim to authority in an inevitable Season 2 of Moon Knight, with the most powerful God not being there to stop him as he continues to possess Jake Lockley.


2. Vishnu Narayana, Hindu God of Preservation

Vishnu is the most powerful Marvel Hindu God

As of today, there has been no reference to Hindu deities having a presence in the MCU. However, if there is a Council of Godheads out there, Vishnu’s presence is a very strong possibility. He is one of the most powerful pantheons in Marvel comics history due to his immunity to injury and disease and his superior strength to all his fellow Hindu pantheons. This earnt him the title as one of the three leaders of the Council of Godheads in the comics, besides Zeus and Odin.

Despite the powerhouse title as one of the leaders of the Council of Gods, Vishnu has a fairly minor presence in the comics so it is unclear in what capacity he would feature in the MCU as a whole. But of course, that wouldn’t affect whether he would at least cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder. If Taika Waititi has an interest in expanding the representation of pantheons in the MCU, Vishnu would no doubt be the choice for a Hindu presence at the council. Unlike Zeus, Bat and Osiris, it is unlikely that if he were to be killed by the God-Butcher, his death specifically would impact any heroes in particular.


1. Loki Laufeyson (Variant L1130), Asgardian God of Mischief

Loki Show Tom Hiddleston Thor: Love and Thunder
Loki in Loki

Thor: Love and Thunder is the first entry to the Thor franchise that is not confirmed to have Loki appearing in it before its release, but after the events of Loki Season 1 and the multiversal events since, it is a possibility Thor could reunite with his adopted brother from another timeline. Loki’s potential presence is highly unlikely to be in the Council of Godheads or as a supporting character throughout the film, as he is currently stuck in the now-folded Time Variance Authority, in which we have no idea where that is, nor any implication of how that affects Thor in the sacred timeline.

However, with the death of He Who Remains at the hands of Sylvie in episode 6, he has the free will to leave and is no longer under arrest. After denying his role in the film in 2020, Tom Hiddleston recently said he now has no idea if he’s in the film or not. Should he make an appearance, it would likely be reuniting with Thor in a post-credits scene to add a new dimension to the next season of Loki, but that is still mere speculation on why Loki would appear in the series. Loki season 2 begins filming in a matter of weeks and should release next year. There is no indication Thor will join the variant of his brother, but we never know for sure.

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