Will Moon Knight Egyptian Gods Be in Thor: Love & Thunder


The latest Marvel production, ‘Moon Knight,’ has proven to be a big success, with the audience applauding it. The miniseries’ inclusion of Egyptian gods has prompted a new idea attempting to unravel Marvel’s initial plan for ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’. While many fans assume that Khonshu and other Egyptian gods will feature in Chris Hemsworth’s forthcoming film, let’s see whether this is indeed possible:

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A Poster of Thor: Love and Thunder
A Poster of the new Thor movie.

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Which Egyptian Gods were mentioned in Moon Knight?

Most powerful ancient Egyptian Gods.
Most powerful ancient Egyptian Gods.

The series begins with Khonshu, who is the first god to be introduced. Marc becomes the Moon Knight after Khonshu discovers him dying in the desert and proceeds to resurrect him as his new Earth avatar. Ammit is the series’ second Egyptian deity. Arthur Harrow was presented as Ammit’s avatar in the first episode. The god of the underworld, Osiris, was presented alongside the other gods in a meeting. Isis, Osiris’s wife & sister, is also involved during the same meeting. The Egyptian hippo goddess Taweret is in charge of leading Marc/Steven through the Duat to the Field of Reeds. Moon Knight also features other gods like Horus, Hathor, and Tefnut.

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Will Thor: Love and Thunder feature Egyptian Gods?

Thor: Love and Thunder and Moon Knight
Thor: Love and Thunder poster along with Moon Knight.

In an effort to figure out the link between ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ and ‘Moon Knight,’ Marvel’s miniseries writer, Beau DeMayo, stated he doesn’t know a lot about the next film and would want to leave it alone. In a conversation with The Direct, DeMayo said, “You know, I don’t know what they are doing in Thor”. Furthermore, he added, “I kind of like that I don’t know. I’m like trying to avoid spoilers myself”. The ferocity of Christian Bale’s role as Gorr the God Butcher was revealed in the newly released trailer for Thor. As a result, together with the Asgardian and Greek gods, the film might include other Egyptian gods from Moon Knight.

Only time will tell as this new Marvel movie is scheduled to release in theatres on July 8, 2022.


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