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Egyptian Gods vs. Asgardians: Who’s Stronger

The Asgardian Gods are among the universe’s most powerful entities. They are towards the top of the food chain in regards to strength and force, whether they are the legendary Norse Gods as shown in classic Marvel Comics or an alien species. However, Egyptian Gods have now made their debut in the MCU with Moon Knight. This makes us wonder, Egyptian Gods or Asgardians: Who is more powerful? Let’s look at it more closely:

1. Point One – Egyptian Gods:

Egyptian God Khonshu.
Egyptian God Khonshu.

Egyptian Gods have Khonshu. This Egyptian God communicates through Marc Spector, his avatar, who he has bestowed upon with tremendous abilities such as higher strength, endurance, and enchanted armor. He has demonstrated his ability to teleport and interact with humans while being unseen by others. Khonshu can also lift up to 60 tons alone, has a regenerative factor, is aging and illness resistant, highly durable, and has the ability to revive humans, manipulate moonrocks, and cause earthquakes. Khonshu can also absorb the capabilities of others, having taken powers from heroes like Doctor Strange and Thor.

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2. Point One – Asgardians:

Who is stronger between Egyptian Gods and Asgardians.
Asgardian Goddess of Death.

Asgardians have Hela. Do we really need to say anything else? In the comic book storylines, Hela was a formidable opponent. She was the Queen of Hel in those tales, and the daughter of Loki and a witch named Angerboda. She possessed the fundamental abilities of an Asgardian woman and was a skilled magician. She also never ages past her prime as the Goddess of Death and wields the power of life and death over the Gods of Asgard. She was given a boost in the MCU. Hela was revealed to be Odin’s firstborn, the older sister of Thor and Loki, and the successor to the throne. In Thor: Ragnarok, she was powerful enough to defeat Asgard’s whole army on her own, and not even Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, or Loki could defeat her without assistance.

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3. Point Two – Egyptian Gods:

Ancient Egyptian Gods Anubis and Ammit.
Ancient Egyptian Gods, Anubis and Ammit.

While many Norse gods must employ weapons and equipment to completely harness their talents, Egyptian gods can wield their skills spontaneously. Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, is the best example of this, as he had to use it to fly and control lightning until Thor: Ragnarok. As a result, the Norse gods may be deprived of their superpowers far more quickly than the Egyptian gods. Thus, in terms of inherent power, the Egyptian Gods are surely stronger than the Asgardians.

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4. Point Two – Asgardians:

Who is stronger between Egyptian Gods and Asgardians.
Thor with his Asgardian army.

The Asgardians maintain a large fighting force of trained troops, each armed and equipped with possibly magical weapons and armor. It only takes one among a hundred or even a thousand military men to hit an Egyptian God with a lucky shot and knock them out of the fight. Sure, some of them are more devious with their divine element, but even they may be defeated by a small group of rebels when outnumbered. And that’s without mentioning Asgard’s most powerful warriors. Thor may or may not win or lose a battle with the gods, but he can surely draw them out long enough for the rest of his family to be overcome. Not to mention Loki, Hela, Odin, Heimdall, and Valkyrie.

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And the winner is…

5. Point Three – Egyptian Gods:

Most powerful ancient Egyptian Gods.
Most powerful ancient Egyptian Gods.

Yes, the answer is Egyptian Gods, but it’s complicated. Egyptian gods are more powerful than the typical Norse deity in terms of sheer strength. Nearly any Egyptian deity could defeat Norse gods like Thor and Loki if they were battling in the Heliopolis. The Egyptian gods, on the other hand, are at a serious disadvantage since they function through incarnations. Moon Knight, for example, is weaker than Thor, yet Khonshu would defeat Thor in a one-on-one battle. Ultimately, the Egyptian gods of Moon Knight seem to be stronger than Thor’s Norse gods in the MCU.

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