Moon Knight: Here’s How The Other Egyptian Gods Look Like


Moon Knight has connections with Egyptian mythology. In the show, we have seen the Marvel version of the Egyptian Gods, known as the Ennead. The Ennead is a group of powerful beings inspired by the Egyptian Gods. Gods like Khonshu and Tawaret have appeared in the show in their true form. But the show has mentioned and referred to other Gods and Goddesses but only their avatars have been shown. It appears that only Khonshu and Tawaret were the ones looking for one. And Ammit has been bound away. Here are the other Egyptian Gods in the show and what they look like.

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Ammit is the evil goddess in Moon Knight

Ammit in Moon Knight

More feared than worshipped, Ammit or Ammut is a deity from the underworld. They have physical characteristics similar to a crocodile. The Moon Knight version of the character is slightly different. In the series, she is shown as the main evil, the goddess Arthur Harrow is devout to and is working to set free. She is the goddess that judges humans and kills them before they commit any bad. Unlike, Khonshu who kills the ones who did wrong when they had the choice. Harrow frees her in the end and also ends up becoming her avatar.


Tefnut is also among the Enneads

Tefnut in Moon Knight

According to Egyptian mythology, Tefnut is the goddess of the rain. She also is the twin sister of Shu, the god of air. Though in the comics, both the Gods are a part of the council, in Moon Knight only Tefnut is included. She is the only one who has an avatar. Maybe it is because Shu chose not to be a part of the council of the observers. Though the two are shown as the members in the comics, they haven’t played a major role in the stories. Tefnut’ss role in the series as well was quite less.

Horus is a part of the Observers

Horus in Moon Knight

One of the major gods in Egyptian mythology is Horus. He is the God of the sky. In the Marvel comics, he has made a few appearances in the Thor comics. Especially when the Enneads were facing a powerful force and were threatened. He also fought along with Thor in his battle against Seth, Devourer, Akhenaton, and the Demogorge. Also, he usurped Seth of his throne and became the ruler of Egpyt. This is what led to the bitter relationship between the Gods.


Isis was in Moon Knight too

Isis in Moon Knight

The wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, Isis is another powerful goddess of Egyptian mythology. She is the goddess of the moon and fertility. Her human avatar was shown briefly in the show. Also, she is one of the most commonly known Gods of Eygpt. In one of the myths that were also adapted in the comics, Isis resurrected her husband. It was to convince Horus. She was also a part of the group of goddesses who wanted to convince the Celestials against destroying Earth.

Osiris is in the council of Gods

Osiris in Moon Knight

He is the god of death and fertility. He was the one who seemed to head the council of Gods in Egypt. In Egyptian mythology, he was murdered by his brother Seth who was jealous of his powers. Later, his wife ressurected him. In the Marvel comics, Osiris, along with ihs wife and son was locked for several millennia by Seth. Thor was the one who freed them and helped them fight Seth. In the series, he was the one who spoke against Khonshu the most in the meeting.


Hathor has an avatar in Moon Knight

Hathor in Moon Knight

The goddess of music and love, Hathor is one of the sky dieties with Ra. In mythology, she has the ability to transform into the lion goddess, Sekhmet. This is one of the important aspects of her power, as in the marvel comics, it has an important role. Sekhmet is an antagonist in comics such as Thor. Also, she is the sister of the goddess Bast. The deity who blessed T’Challa’s ancestors with the Black Panther legacy.

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